10 Signage Trends To Expect In The Post-COVID Economy

10 Signage Trends to Expect in The Post-COVID Economy

Up until the past year, none of us had ever experienced anything like the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that it is getting more in the rear-view mirror each day, everyone is wondering about the post-COVID economy. If you are a sign shop owner who is curious about the signage trends that will emerge, here are 10 to watch out for in the coming months.

More Local Business

Since people are expected to strongly support local businesses, one of the top signage trends will be more area businesses needing signage, which is where you and Signworld can help.

Health Guidelines

Even when the pandemic ends, those who know signage trends don’t expect signs about mask wearing, safe distancing, and hand washing to disappear. Thus, signs explaining health guidelines at businesses and schools will be one of the main 2021 signage trends.

Digital Signs

Eye-catching, easy to program with different messages, and applicable to many businesses and organizations, expect the demand for digital signage to be one of the signage trends that skyrockets in 2021 and beyond.

Multi-Lingual Signage

With diversity becoming more important to businesses, one of the biggest signage trends will be for you to expect business owners to request far more multi-lingual signage from your shop.

The Retail Boom

From local businesses to national chains, economists expect a retail boom post-COVID. As a result, signage trends indicate your sign shop will be looked to by retailers for signs announcing sales, introducing new products, and much more.

Healthcare Signage

Now that people are very aware of how important it is to regularly visit doctors, many healthcare facilities expect to need additional signage of all types.

Restaurants Reopening

After being closed or force to limit capacities, restaurant owners are eager to welcome back their customers. In doing so, they will want their businesses to look their best, which is why you should expect many restaurant owners clamoring for your services.

Minimal Logos And Graphics

Since people spend so much time looking at phones and computers, research shows they now prefer signs that feature minimalism, meaning fewer logos and graphics.

Personalized Signage

In a post-COVID economy, researchers believe personalization will be the key to helping businesses attract customers back inside their doors. By recognizing certain groups or people or emphasizing a company’s affiliation or support of a group or cause through its signage, customers will feel that emotional bond that is all so important.


Finally, creating signs that are innovative and stand out from the crowd will be even more important to businesses in their quest to rebound after COVID.

Now that you know what to expect in the new economy, partner with Signworld to take advantage of these signage trends.


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