12 Powerful Words to Include in Effective Signage

12 Powerful Words to Include in Effective Signage

Some words are more powerful than others: writers of fiction know this, and spend days crafting evocative sentences that read so well people have trouble looking away. Imagine if your signage could have the same gripping effect on passersby. Well, it can!

In this post, the Sign World team shares 10 of the most powerful world’s business owners can include in their signage.

  • YOU – Writers of fiction and other literature spend a lot of time fussing over which deictic center best benefits their readership. In other words, they try to figure out the most engaging “perspective” to take: third person limited gives you more opportunities for surprise exposition, whereas first and second give more of a sense of urgency. When it comes to signage, it’s best to take the second person, because it’s all about the customer. Signs that include “you” in their verbiage tend to grab the readers’ attention and encourage them to imagine the benefits of your product or service. It’s much more engaging to write that “You can save 30%!” than it is to write “Customers get 30% off.”
  • MONEY – Money makes the world go round, and it’s usually the biggest obstacle or enticement that a prospect will have during their purchase decision. Indicate to your readers that your product, service, or promotion will either make or save them money, and you’ll have grabbed their attention better than any catch slogan or expensive graphic.
  • SAVE – We live in a world where everyone wants to save time, money, and effort. Marketing campaigns are based on these three fundamental wants, but they all boil down to the word “save.” Tell your customers that they can save on something with your product or service, and you’ll pique their interest.
  • NEW – Out with the old and in with the new! Everyone wants the latest and greatest thing; this is especially true in today’s world, where gadgets go from cutting edge to obsolete in a matters of months. Telling your customers you have something new is a great way to engage new prospects, and to regain the attention of loyal customers.
  • RESULTS – Marketing agencies can’t sell services that don’t produce results. By the same token, signs won’t do their job unless you talk about the results your research and development team worked so hard to achieve.
  • HEALTH – Health is the most important thing in life, though we often don’t realize it until we’ve had a scare of our own. Diet pills, exercise equipment, and gym franchises make big money off of the public fixation on good health. Signs that discuss the way products, services, or promotions improve physical, mental, or emotional health appeal to a huge audience of people trying to improve themselves.
  • EASY – If you had to describe the real value of quality product or service, it usually boils down to making life easier. “Life hack” web content has told us that convenience is king. If you tell somebody that you can make their life easier, they’ll listen to what you have to say.
  • SAFETY – Maslow’s theory about the human hierarchy of needs suggests that people can’t focus on high-minded pursuits until their basic needs are met, and safety is one of the most fundamental things we require. If your product, service, or promotion helps somebody stay safer, sell this point in your signage!
  • GUARANTEE – Just as we like to feel physically safe, people are constantly trying to stay financially safe. If you can tell a prospective customer that their satisfaction will be guaranteed, you’re much more likely to get the conversion.
  • PROVEN – There are a lot of snake-oil salespeople out there. If your product is the real deal, let people know! We respond very well to this word.

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