3 Sign Strategies to Give Boring Businesses More Attention


Some businesses are less exciting than others, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, the world wouldn’t turn – and the economy wouldn’t exist – if we all pedaled cotton candy, jumping castles, and laser tag gear. There are fundamental products and services that we need which people just don’t find very exciting: taxes, accounting, appliance repair, and the like.


Signage is a surefire way to drum up business and spread word of promotions, but it can be hard to catch the reader’s eye if you’re working in one of these “boring” industries. People are busy with their own lives and will not want to spend their time and attention reading about something that doesn’t interest them. So how do you appeal to readers when your business is thought to be a bore?


The Sign World team shares a few signage strategies that can generate excitement and reader interest. Read on to learn more.


Sign Spinning and Other Eye-Catching Advertisements


You’ve probably seen these signage ninjas gyrating on the sidewalks, catching the eyes of passing motorists with their dancing, jumping, twirling moves. Sign spinners are an excellent addition to any “boring” business owner’s arsenal. The human eye is designed to detect movement, so passing vehicles and pedestrians will invariably be drawn to the movement. Placing your sign-spinners in high-traffic areas is key if you intend to generate foot traffic for your business. Plus, in the modern era where youth culture is driven by social media shares, there’s a great chance that your signage could go viral!


Of course, you don’t need to hire an energetic student sign spinner to have these same effects. Flashing lights, spinning signs, and inflatable signage will all serve the same purpose, generating just enough movement to attract viewers and entice them to read a business message that may otherwise be unexciting.


Piggyback Off of Artistic Appeal


Sometimes all it takes to get eyes on your “boring” business signage is a great picture. At Sign World, we offer fine art, 3D dimensional, unusual substrates, and mixed media options to wow passersby with all kinds of compelling imagery.


Furthermore, we know exactly how to place the text and wording of your sign. Rather than detracting from the image or competing with it for attention, we design your signage copy in tandem with the artistic image you’ve chosen so that the reader’s attention is funneled towards your brand message.


Emphasize High-Value Selling Points


“Boring” business signage absolutely cannot be boring. Don’t take your sign copy as an opportunity to lecture readers on the technical details of your products or services. Additionally, you don’t want to lead with your company name if your business is particularly “boring.” Forget starting your sign copy with “Maxwell Tax Services.” Instead, hit them over the head with high-value selling points from the first character. Accountants can make claims about saving the reader money, getting huge tax returns, or keeping out of trouble for tax evasion. These kinds of high-value messages will compel the reader to stop and review your brand message, rather than just tuning out anything after the words “tax services.”


These signage strategies will help you engage audiences who are otherwise not particularly interested in learning about what your business has to offer. If you’d like to learn some more signage strategies, why not contact our team for a consultation? We specialize in concept development, and will work with you to express the perfect brand message. Learn more at


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