4 Ways Signworld Supports Business Continuity During COVID-19

4 Ways Signworld Supports Business Continuity During COVID-19

Just as Signworld partners support local businesses’ safe reopening during the pandemic, the Signworld business alliance goes above and beyond to ensure our partners’ continuity during COVID-19.

Today’s post highlights 4 ways the Signworld business alliance helped maintain the safety and profitability of more than 330+ sign shops across the country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

1.   Signworld Facilitates Rapid Rollout Of Custom COVID-19 Signage

As soon as government officials announced that businesses would require pandemic safety signage in order to reopen, COVID-19 sign demand shot up. Sign shops who were able to quickly rollout custom COVID-19 signage capitalized on this demand—and that’s exactly what happened with Signworld partners.

Using our strong communication channels (e.g. weekly seminars and Owner’s Forum), and the relationships we’ve built with top suppliers around the country, our partners rolled out a line of custom COVID-19 signage well ahead of the competition, putting our allies in position to profit and support safe business continuity in their communities.

2.   Signworld Builds Off Existing Infrastructure To Offer Contactless Services

Even before the pandemic, many Signworld partners generated as much as 50% of their total revenues through online sign sales. With contactless services quickly becoming the “new norm,” we used our existing online infrastructure to fulfill this emerging need. With this new infrastructure in place, your business can continue to take orders and complete design collaborations online, even in the event of another lockdown.

3.   Signworld Protects Your Supply Chain From Disruption

Though COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains all over the world, the Signworld business alliance has helped to soften the blow for our partners. Our close relationships with Preferred Partners have allowed us to stay apprised of potential disruptions and adapt, while Signworld partners have been working together and sharing resources to prevent serious disruptions on our Owner’s Forum.

4.   Signworld Support Services Are Always Available

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about all kinds of uncertainty, but whatever happens, Signworld is here to support you. All of our celebrated support services are still intact, including:

  • Sales and marketing coaching—meet with 12 other Owners for a weekly video webinar to troubleshoot sales problems and share proven techniques other Signworld owners are using to grow their business in the “new normal”
  • Ongoing website and internet marketing coaching—learn how to optimize your networking, outbound/inbound marketing, and online design/sales processes to give consumers COVID-safe remote ordering options
  • Online technical support—We can connect directly to your computer, fixing problems and downloading solutions before your eyes
  • Next day on-site service—If you have any equipment issues that cannot be serviced over the phone or through our online technical support, we’ll show up on-site to solve the problem, with all of the proper PPE and social distancing protocols in place
  • Owners’ website—COVID-19 hasn’t changed a thing about our owners site, where 330+ sign company owners go to answer questions, share opportunities, review the Preferred Partners Roster, and talk shop

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