5 Functions of a Sign – Is Your Sign Doing It’s Job

Unless they’re duplicates, no two signs are created equally! Every sign has a distinct look, and a specific purpose. Until you understand the function of a sign, your signage marketing efforts won’t be optimal.

In this post, the Sign World team discusses 4 fundamental functions of business signage, and shares some “best practices” you can use to make the most of your signs.

  • Brand recognition. One of the most obvious and important aspects of business signage is building brand recognition. Your goal is to condition people seeing your logo’s colors, fonts, and visuals to think immediately of your business’s products or services. Big-name fast food franchises do this very well – every customer knows what they’re looking at when they see the “golden arches” or the red-haired, freckled cartoon face of Wendy – and they do it using effective signage. You can be constantly conditioning people to think this way if your signage is properly positioned. Make sure it’s clearly visible from the street, and use provocative colors that contrast with the established “tone” of the neighborhood. Make sure that your signage complements other branding efforts, too: the logo should mirror that which is found on your business cards, email signatures, flyers, coupons, and print ads.
  • Company communiques. Your signage also works as a message board for company communiques, whether those happen to be seasonal promotions, employee of the month celebrations, or new product announcements. Passersby and loyal customers alike will look to your sign as an announcement board, so take advantage of this consumer conditioning, lest you look like an unpopular and barely-active business!
  • Prospect conversion tools. There have been thousands of books written on the sales cycle and buyer behaviors, each toting different theses about what influences a person to buy. You can get as complicated as you like with these theories, but one thing is for sure: enticing promotional signage helps prospects convert. Advertising big sales and discounts using business signage takes advantage of our tendencies to make impulse purchases. We may not be thinking about buying that new pair of headphones, but when we see a sign hyping up a half-off sale, it suddenly seems like a can’t-miss opportunity! If your signs are trying to convert prospects, they should be as large as possible, and displayed in a prominent spot. A-frame signage on sidewalks is a good choice when you’re trying to corral foot traffic into your place of business.
  • Directional assistance. One of the most fundamental duties your sign has to perform is pointing people in the right direction. Sometimes referred to as “way finding signage,” this sign style directs people to specific products, staff, and check-out stations as quickly and efficiently as possible. These signs must be placed prominently and made very easy to read – do not clutter these signs up with verbiage and distracting graphics! These signs may be vital to your business if your location is tucked away in the back of a shopping center or difficult to spot from the street.

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