5 Steps to Owning Your Own Sign Business

5 Steps to Owning Your Own Sign Business

Resilient, profitable, and easy to operate with proper training, Signworld franchises have become extremely popular options for entrepreneurs. In today’s post, we discuss the 5-step validation process we use to find quality franchise candidates. In doing so, we give you an idea what to expect before you take the plunge and give us a call!

Step 1: Get to know us with a series of discovery calls.

The first thing we do for prospective franchise owners is to initiate a series of discovery calls. This “discovery process” is equally important for both parties: you get a chance to learn more about our brand, and we get a closer look at you.

At Signworld, we look for a certain type of person, and this introductory call will help us determine if partnering with our brand is a good fit for both parties. Our ideal candidates possess:

  • Entrepreneurial spirits. Signworld abides by a motto of “no royalties, no rules,” which is more autonomous than most. While this is great for the freethinking business owners of the world, it can be intimidating and potentially uncomfortable for “type-B” personalities who lack strong vision. To be a good fit for our brand, you should be confident in your ability to drive the company and make decisions, and love the idea of doing things your way.
  • Background in project or operation management. Running a successful Signworld business means handling a lot of moving parts and knowing how to delegate duties. Though our training can bring motivated learner’s up to speed, this role is best suited to those with existing project or operation management skills.
  • Networking and customer service skills. Communication is key in any relationship, and the same is true in the Signworld system. Successful franchisees will be those capable of building and maintaining quality relationships with customers, suppliers, and fellow franchise family members.
  • Excellent time management. As we mentioned earlier, running a Signworld franchise requires successfully managing a lot of moving parts, and that also means having impeccable time management.

Step 2: Take one step closer with a series of validation calls.

Don’t rush your purchase decision! We encourage prospective franchisees to take as much time as they’d like to identify different parts of the model that appeal to them and build their expectations. This phase is when our prospects truly get a sense for the supportive family dynamic that makes our brand so special.

Step 3: Attend one of our Public Webinars.

Due to the tremendous amount of prospect engagement Signworld attracts, we now host Public Webinars every few weeks. These webinars are made great by the panel of owners dedicating their time to answer questions and inform prospects about what Signworld is all about. Take advantage of the opportunity to broaden your understanding of our business model, and don’t forget to take notes!

Step 4: Visit our locations in person.

Visit with Signworld owners for a behind-the-scenes looks at Signworld operations. Ask any questions you might have about the model and learn what it takes to make this business work. Again, we want you to make the right decision, and encourage you to visit as many locations as you need to feel comfortable at this stage.

Step 5: Attend Discovery Day!

This monthly event provides prospective business owners the opportunity to immerse themselves in everything Signworld! Tour different locations, watch demos, start networking, and get to the bottom of tough questions at our Q&A sessions.
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