6 Tips for Creating High-Performing Digital Sign Content

Digital Sign Content

Digital signage is more popular than ever, with displays popping up all over college campuses and retail centers, as well as throughout the hospitality industry.
Today’s post is geared towards digital signage owners (or prospective ones!).

Read on to learn 6 tips for creating high-performance digital sign content, courtesy of the Signworld business alliance. 

Avoid one-dimensional sales pitches.

It’s true that a digital sign that includes a call-to-action will be more interactive and engaging than one that doesn’t.

But nobody is going to read your sign if all it does is boss them around.

Rather than writing content that simply commands the reader to do something, craft your message in a way that explains how your product or service helps them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

For example, rather than ordering the reader to enter a sign shop and buy a sign with no context, we might emphasize how signs help business owners leverage the power of a first impression or stand out from the competition on a crowded city block.

However you choose to go about it, be sure that your sign is telling viewers how your product or service can fulfill their needs.

Another option is to include value-added content alongside your message. For example, a sign posted in the waiting room of a doctor’s office might list some quick tips for health and wellness to attract the eye, then slip the call-to-action in towards the end. Alternately, some business owners like to include news feeds next to their messages.

Maximize your branding opportunities. 

People should know who created your digital sign content the moment they see it. Incorporate your business logo, color scheme, fonts, “voice,” and any other iconic design elements whenever you have the chance. 

Reuse content from other platforms. 

Most companies these days maintain a social media presence via Twitter, G+, or Facebook. These posts can be reused as content for your digital signage, which makes it even easier to keep your displays up to date.

Remember: less is still more when it comes to digital signage.

Digital signs give you way more room to write a message than traditional billboard and posters, but that doesn’t mean you should use it. More often than not, lengthy digital sign copy gets tuned out. Keep it simple and snappy, both in terms of your copy and any visuals or animations you choose to include.

Leverage videos and production quality for better engagement. 

Broadcast-quality digital signage performs better because it taps into our TV-watching conditioning.

We tend to give TV screens more of our attention, so combining full-motion video with on-screen text in a dynamic display makes your ad feel like a news update that can’t be missed. This is a much more effective option than basic scrolling images.

Most business owners notice a direct, positive correlation between the amount of time and energy they invest in video production and viewer attention, dwell time, and completed campaign goals.

Keep your sign updated or turn it off! 

If you aren’t making the effort to keep your digital signage up to date, it’s probably a better idea to take it down altogether. Outdated or irrelevant information can really hurt your brand. Rather than teaching your audiences to ignore your dated digital signs, encourage them to check back regularly by putting out a steady stream of fresh content. 

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