7 Sign Copy Writing Tips for Better Advertising Results

7 Sign Copy Writing Tips for Better Advertising Results

Sign World’s design consultation process extends beyond the physical construction of your sign: we can help you write compelling copy for your signage, too! There’s nothing worse than having your attention consumed by a sign written in “marketing talk;” it’s inauthentic and mildly offensive to your intelligence, and it certainly does not engender warm feelings about the product or service it’s trying to promote. So how do you turn marketing drivel into serious, high-performance sales copy?


In today’s post, the Sign World team shares 7 tips for writing compelling and concise sign copy. Read on to learn how to make the most of every impression!

  • Drop the stock phrases. Business writing has been around for years, and like most other “art forms,” has quickly run out of fresh material. They say every chord has been played in every order in the music world, and the same applies to sign copy. While you don’t have to think of something entirely novel, you should steer clear of stock phrases. Every word on your sign should carry its own weight, and the reader’s eyes will only glaze over if they have to hear about how your company is “world class” and “industry leading” just like everybody else.
  • Stick to the facts. Avoid telling prospects that your company has served “countless” clients. Even if you serve billions of people every day, they’re countable! Using words like these sounds a lot like marketing claptrap, and it diminishes your company’s credibility.
  • Be clear and concise with your call to action. Some business owners beat around the bush with their call to action because they don’t want to sound pushy or impolite, and it’s a mistake. People read your sign for pragmatic reasons, not because they want to have a pleasant conversation with an inanimate object. Get to the point, and quickly; most people will only glance at your signage, and that should be all it takes to get a crystal clear idea of what you’re promoting.
  • Incentivize your readers. Don’t just tell your sign readers that they should visit your store, give them a reason to! This doesn’t have to be some extravagant gift; simply tell them that a mention of the sign will get a small discount, or ask them to “sign up to your email list for free updates.” Anything to incentivize the reader will go a long way towards capturing their attention and converting an impression to a prospect!
  • Ditch the fluffy testimonials. Testimonials are effective in some cases, but not all. Nobody likes testimonials that sound like shills, and they’re rarely effective on signage because you only have the reader’s attention for a few beats. If you insist on including one on your sign, keep it short, sweet, and sincere!
  • Address the hard questions. Good sign copy should address the prospect’s concerns about your product or service. Don’t shy away from the tough stuff; if your product is expensive, address it! Maybe your expensive product or service saves them money over the long term, or lasts long enough to mitigate the seemingly high purchase price. Whatever approach you decide to take is better than ignoring these predictable questions and concerns.
  • Steer clear of hyperbole. It’s much better to say that your company delivers within 48 hours or it’s free than it is to say you provide the fastest printing in the world. The first method is clear, concise, and informative, while the second is hyperbolic and mostly unhelpful!


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