8 Ways Digital Signage Benefits Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

8 Ways Digital Signage Benefits Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Today’s post runs down 8 ways that digital signs help hospitals and health care facilities save time, make money, and improve patient outcomes.

Why Invest in Digital Signage for My Health Care Facility?

  • Educate patients and visitors. Health care professionals understand the importance of educating members of the public on health matters, but time is precious for practitioners. With medical resources and staff already stretched thin, no health care professionals can afford to stop and brief every visitor about vaccines, germ-fighting, upcoming events, and nutrition. But you can upload all this information on your digital signage so that everyone who sees it gets up to date.In this way, digital signage helps automate health awareness and education, which frees up valuable medical resources for more pressing treatment, research, and consultation.
  • Inform clients. Is your health care facility undergoing significant internal changes that will affect the way clients interact with your company? Digital signs can smooth the transition. If insurance information is changing, or your company is rolling out a new billing procedure, simply upload this information to your digital signage to keep clients informed. If you use digital kiosks for your client check-in, you have the perfect opportunity to seamlessly “onboard” your clients–simply prompt them to agree to changing policies before their check-in can be completed.
  • Keep visitors safe. Digital signage makes it easy to quickly broadcast safety alerts and instructions, either to single screens or throughout the facility. This allows you to effortlessly coordinate evacuation plans and optimize the safety of your clients in case of emergency.
  • Engage and entertain. Nobody likes a long wait at the doctor’s office, but waiting rooms get a lot more bearable when digital signs are present. Show local news, provide weather updates, advertise your facility’s gift shop, spotlight daily cafeteria specials, or even incorporate games and entertainment options for children. The possibilities for visitor engagement using digital screens are limited only by your imagination.
  • Assist with wayfinding. Hospitals can be difficult to navigate, especially for first-time visitors and those suffering from stress, acute pain or discomfort. Digital signs can be a tremendous asset for navigation, especially when they’re used in conjunction with floor graphics, hanging signs, and other wayfinding cues. Considering using touchscreen directories and interactive maps to guide visitors to their destination. Visitors will appreciate these wayfinding tools, and your staff will thank you for never having to play “tour guide” again.
  • Fundraising. Is your health care facility involved with charities or accepting donations? Digital signage can really motivate fundraising campaigns. Consider adding touchscreen donor boards to recognize and incentivize patrons, or including simple contact forms that visitors can use to sign up for fundraising events and email lists.
  • Improve communication. Communication is key in the health care world. Digital signage acts as an effective on-site communication channel that staff can use to keep in touch and coordinate care throughout the facility. Display separate messages to patients and nurses from the same platform, or send out facility-wide broadcasts that appear on every screen.
  • Save money on signage. As mentioned previously, digital signs can save and make you money in a number of ways. But the most obvious money-saving effect of digital signage is that it eliminates the need to purchase multiple signs in the future. Since digital signage is completely programmable, you can custom-create messages quickly for any purpose at no extra cost. Simply pay the initial installation fee and cover the cost of software and maintenance, and you’ve got a versatile signage solution that can accommodate almost any need.

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