Banner-Making 101: A Signworld Beginner’s Guide

Banner-Making 101: A Signworld Beginner's Guide

Though every Signworld business is ultimately run the way the owner wants it, banners are a staple moneymaker in the signage industry. In fact, most market analysts estimate that over 30% of a sign shop’s profits will come from custom banner orders. There is a huge, diverse market for banners. You will deal with clients from retail store owners, school boards, Municipal park and rec representatives, wedding planners, and more.

At Signworld, we take pride in the quality of our banners. Today’s post is designed for prospective Signworld franchisees and clients alike, offering a glimpse into the banner design and production process that has distinguished our company as a market leader. Whether you want assurance that your banner producer is an expert, or you’re an entrepreneur looking for a product primer to inform your new franchise investment, this post is for you!

Banner Making Necessities

Advances in banner making technology have given clients endless design options. Consequently, every single banner is as unique as the client ordering it. Setting your business up in a way that can accommodate this variable need takes careful planning.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to plot or print. This decision between vinyl and digital prints will influence the type of banner material you use, as well as the startup price you’ll have to pay before you open your doors for business.

In either case, a quality plotter with good tracking is crucial if you intend to sell commercial-grade vinyl banners.

If you intend to sell banners with photographic elements and gradient color, digital printing is probably your best bet. This will also allow you to skip over the “weeding” phase where you peel excess vinyl away from your delicate design (and if you’re like most people, this is where the damage is done!).

Tools of the Trade

Once you’ve got your printer, plotter, and software set up, it’s time to add some tools to your arsenal.

  • Grommet setter and dyes. A grommet setter punctures banner material and installs the grommets that are used to physically mount the banner. Setting your own grommets does require a little extra time and energy, but it saves you money in the long run by allowing you to purchase banner rolls rather than blanks. Setting your own also gives you an extra bit of design flexibility and customization potential, which our clients always appreciate.
  • Grommet alternatives. Not every sign is hung the same way. A number of alternatives exist, and you’ll need to invest in as many as possible if you want to keep up with variable client demand. Banner eyelets are an excellent starting point.

Banner Display Options

No two clients are alike, so we make sure to offer a number of banner mounting options, including:

  • X-type: X-type banner displays are perfect for grommeted banner banks. They’re cheap and easy to use, and allow for both indoor and outdoor display.
  • Roll-up: Roll-ups create a more upscale aesthetic. They’re a great option to showcase digital banners. Standard width is roughly 32 inches.

Learn more about banner design

If this brief introductory primer on Signworld banner making caught your eye, why not visit our franchise website to explore our catalog of designs, or schedule a consultation with one of our design experts?

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