Cowtown Graphics & Signs – Amarillo National Bank

Roger Carroll, the owner of Cowtown Graphics and Signs, located in Fort Worth, TX., sent in a recently completed project for Amarillo National Bank.
At the end of February of this year, we received a call from a bank in Amarillo, TX asking for signage and what our capabilities were. We were puzzled on how a business almost 400 miles away had heard of us! Amarillo National Bank found us through Google search, which led them to our website.
This major project consisted of six wall signs and one pole sign. In a matter of eight weeks, we had all the signs permitted, fabricated, installed, and ready for the client and their customers to enjoy! The signage was fabricated using aluminum, and acrylic, with Principal LED for illumination.
Throughout the project we ran into obstacles, but we were able to innovate. Originally the client wanted a monument sign, but due to easement restrictions we were unable to do that. Needing to find other options quickly, we decided to improvise with what the circumstances allowed. There was a pole sign at Amarillo National Bank and it was something we could utilize, so we replaced the flex face with backlit/push through acrylic faces. Even though we ran into these obstacles, we didn’t slow down but simply switched gears.
One of the most exciting things about this project is that we had just gotten our UL certification, making Amarillo National Bank our first UL certified job! It’s very important for our clients to know that all of our products meet the safety requirements for both construction and electrical standards. At Cowtown Graphics & Signs we provide the highest quality signage solutions and an exceptional service experience to our customers through innovation, creativity, and dedication of the entire Cowtown team.
Upon finishing the project mid-April, the Cowtown Graphics & Signs team were proud to say that we all worked together to complete such an interesting and quality job from inside our own shop for Amarillo National Bank.
We received a bonus shortly thereafter when the general contractor on the Amarillo job referred us to another architect, which turned into another large job. Stay tuned!
The total value of this specific sign was $34,604.97

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