Delta Signs & Designs – Lubbock, TX

Delta Signs & Designs

Delta Signs & Designs, owned by Dustin Hudgeons, recently completed a large LED sign for a local office park. This project consisted of a forty-two foot pole, two bucket trucks, a twelve foot hole in the ground, three yards of concrete, an LED double sided sign, double sided cabinet sign, and some custom cut metal sheets for decoration. Several different companies were utilized to complete this project including a drilling company for the hole, an outside LED sign company, a concrete company, and an additional sign company for an additional bucket truck. Delta Signs made the face for cabinet sign, set the pole, and designed the sign in house. This LED sign took about a month to complete and install. Dustin said one of the main challenges with this project was managing all the different companies involved, but it was much smoother than he thought it would be! The total value of this project was $47,000!
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