Expand Your Sign Business Sales Heating Up In These 10 Sectors

Expand Your Sign Business Sales Heating Up In These 10 Sectors

Now that 2021 is here and we are getting on the other side of the pandemic, it’s important you keep your eye on the prize as you expand your sign business in the coming months. With such innovations as digital signage starting to catch on with more businesses and organizations, you as a business owner have a golden opportunity to stake your claim and gain many new customers, which of course means you’ll also reap big profits. If you’re eager to expand your sign business, here are 10 sectors where sales are heating up for signs of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Radio/TV Stations

From advertising new shows to having big, bright signs outside for all to see as they drive by, expand your sign business by gaining new customers within the electronic media industry.


Arguably the industry that uses the most signs, you can expand your sign business by showing retailers how digital signage and other types of signs can advertise special deals or events, showcase new products, and much more.


Whether displaying breakfast and lunch menus, nutritional information, or having new signage with the restaurant’s name and logo, the restaurant industry can become one of your bread-and-butter customers.


From digital signs giving students the latest information to having signs directing students here and there, contacting schools is a great way to expand your sign business in 2021.

Financial Services

From banks placing a digital sign outside displaying the time and temperature to investment firms having signs giving clients new investment tips, financial services is an often overlooked industry. Yet if you want to expand your sign business, tap into this growing market.


Doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical supply companies, and many more establishments all need various types of signs for patients and customers.


Don’t forget your local government offices when you want to expand your sign business, since they always need signs for offices, buildings, and digital signs for traffic alerts and other notices.


Surprisingly to many people, the military is a rapidly-growing sector if you want to expand your sign business. From recruiting offices to military academies and more, take advantage of these unique opportunities.


Bars, movie theaters, and everything in between always need innovative signs to give customers information, hype concerts and movies, and much more.

Religious Organizations

Especially big on digital signage, religious organizations offer you numerous opportunities to expand your sign business exponentially. From signs posting inspiring messages to other more traditional signs, you can supply whatever your local churches may need.

By partnering with Signworld and being proactive in approaching businesses within these 10 sectors, you can see your sign shop expand beyond your wildest dreams.