Experts Recommend Lobby Signs for Companies that Want to Succeed

Experts Recommend Lobby Signs for Companies that Want to Succeed

For any enterprise that is open to consumers, lobby signs are crucial. The first thing that greets a new client is a lobby sign. A bad first impression is created and potential customers are lost when there is no lobby sign or if the sign is poorly designed. On the other hand, companies can experience an uptick in foot traffic and show they are a topnotch business with quality lobby signs.

Aspects of Great Lobby Signs


For a good lobby sign, there are a number of tricks you can use. The coloring of the sign needs to separate the company from its competitors while representing their brand image. Therefore, most companies should have something that integrates their brand logo but also stands out. Other important components are the sizes of the sign and the lettering. The sign should appropriately fit the space and have lettering large enough to read. Customers should be able to read the lobby sign from a good distance, so the style of the lettering also needs to be legible.

Another essential component is location. To allow clients to find a business from a distance, the lobby sign needs to be highly visible from outside of the lobby. Customers will become frustrated if the sign is poorly located, and potential sales conversions will be lost.

Essential to having a lobby sign is keeping it in good condition. Clients have a hard time finding businesses that have lobby signs that are faded or have lettering that is cracked. Plus, signs like these make terrible first impressions. This makes it important to update lobby signs with bold colors and crisp lettering to present an image of professionalism.

The information on the sign is of utmost importance. If incorporated in a sign, a company’s most current mission statements, logo, and other branding should be displayed. Outdated information will lead to brand confusion.

Types of Lobby Signs


There are a number of exceptionally inexpensive and highly customizable options for lobby signs. The most popular ones are

  • Metal Laminate – For lobbies and conference rooms alike, metal laminate is a fantastic choice due to its heavy duty construction. This gives the appearance of real metal alloy without the high costs.
  • Acrylic Logo Panels – These are both simple to move and affordable. The most popular type of acrylic logo panel has digital lettering and logos imprinted on its shiny clear acrylic face.
  • Flat Cut Acrylic Lettering – Acrylic cut letters are ideal for contemporary, modern interiors. The letters are custom painted to match your branding.
  • Foam Letters with Acrylic Faces – Sharp lettering stands out along the lobby wall with lightweight foam letters. This is the most inexpensive option if depth is needed for the lettering. And, for more visual stimulation, digitally printed elements can be incorporated.

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