Color Change Full Vehicle Wrap - Sign Partners002One of our clients recently approached Sign Partners with a request to change the existing color of his BMW 7-Series vehicle. This customer was leasing the car and still had 16 months left on the contract. One of the agreements in a lease contract is that the car should be returned in it’s original state. The client wanted to change the color though so Sign Partners had a perfect solution.


Why a color change instead of painting?


Given the lease was quickly coming to an end the client wanted to act quick to change the color as long as possible. It’s a detailed process that requires time and expertise, but Sign Partners has both.


Color Change Full Vehicle Wrap - Sign Partners004The alternatives would be to leave the vehicle as-is or trade it in for a different color when the lease is paid off. Of course trading it immediately after closing out the lease would be a bad idea. It would not only put the customer back into the position of paying off debt again, but it would likely come at a higher monthly lease cost. Leaving the vehicle as-is is another option but if the customer truly was unsatisfied with the current color, why shouldn’t he explore other options?


Painting the vehicle was in this case not an option. First of all painting is much more costly compared to a color change vehicle wrap. Another reason and in this case more important, that after painting the vehicle it cannot be returned to it’s original state. Re-painting a car always makes the car loose value and since it was a lease vehicle this was not an option.


How to get started?


Color Change Full Vehicle Wrap - Sign Partners003The solution offered by Sign Partners was to use a color change full vehicle wrap. The first step is to carefully choose the color appropriate for the customer. A sample booklet holds all colors and he was able to browse through and pick the exact one he wanted. Next, the vehicle has to be prepared for the wrap. This is a painstaking part of the process that is time-consuming and necessary. The vehicle is pressure washed to remove all dirt and debris. This must be done in the confined area of the warehouse to ensure that no dirt is left. A small piece of dirt can show up under the tight wrap. Next, the vehicle also has to be cleared of any wax. This is because the vinyl will not adhere to wax. It is another painstaking step that is much needed.


Next, all fixtures of the vehicle must be carefully removed. This means the door handles, the lights and any other removable pieces must be taken off. This is so that the vinyl will be easily adhered to the vehicle without any seams showing. Finally, the chosen color vinyl is applied. This is a very precise job that requires absolutely no imperfections in application. This is where Sign Partners’ premier team goes to work to show their expertise and experience.


The end result!


Color Change Full Vehicle Wrap - Sign Partners001In the end, the vehicle is covered completely with the vinyl, fixtures are re-installed and the customer is delighted at the result. After completing the vinyl vehicle wrap the client decided to plasti dip the bumpers and wheels in black. This was a nice finishing to make it a nice total. The benefit of changing colors is that it is a much more affordable option than re-painting the vehicle. It also adversely affects the value of the vehicle. With wraps, they can be removed so it doesn’t affect the value at all.


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