Are you spending too much on your building sign’s operation? Are you tired of replacing ballasts and other components? Have you noticed that your illuminated monument sign is not shining as brightly as it should? Convert to LED technology, and these problems might disappear. Here are our LED conversion FAQs.

Q: Which LEDs do Superior Signs and Graphics use when converting a sign?

LED Lighted Sign Conversions in Orange County CA

A: Our technicians either use Samsung strings of pre-wired LEDs or LED tube lights for double-sided signs. In the trade, we call them Speed Lamps or Keystone tube lights. Many business clients have had excellent success with these products and like the way they are illuminating their corporate colors and details.

Q: Can you do the LED conversion without replacing half of my sign?

LED Retrofits in Orange County CA

A: When we use string lights, our specialists bypass all lamp sockets, the ballast, which is the module that starts up fluorescent lights and so often fails, and the wiring. If you opt for tube lights instead, we bypass the ballasts but not the sockets and wiring. If these components are in good shape, they can stay. Otherwise, they would need to be replaced.

Q: When is the best time for an LED conversion?

LED Retrofits for Cabinet Monument Signs in Orange County CA

A: To be sure, we can convert your lighted business sign to LED at any time that is convenient for you. That said, many clients decide to make the switch when their signs need some type of service. More often than not, this is the case when a ballast went bad, and half the sign is no longer lighting up. Others decide to go ahead with the LED conversion when they would have to replace fluorescent tubes that went bad. Another good time is during a facing replacement or upgrades due to a rebranding.

Q: How expensive is it to convert to LEDs?

LED Retrofits for Monument Signs in Orange County CA

A: If you call us when you have a bad ballast, lamp, or socket, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the LED conversion is frequently not much more than those services would be.

Q: Do LEDs last?

Lighted Building Signs in Orange County CA

A: Longevity is their claim to fame. The good-quality products we use typically last about a decade to 15 years. Fluorescent tubes may last half this time – if you are lucky.

Q: Is there a break-even point? Is the investment in the LED conversion worthwhile?

Need LED Retrofits in Orange County CA

A: Ballasts cost several hundreds to replace. If we just consider the energy savings, and you operate your illuminated sign like most business owners, you would reach a financial break-even point in about two years. Mind you, this calculation does not factor in the savings on hardware and frequent repairs.

Q: I want an LED conversion! What do I do?

A: To convert to LED technology, reach out to Superior Signs and Graphics. We send technicians to your location to survey the signage and help you decide which LED product is right for you. Then, we schedule a time that is convenient for your business to make the switch. Connect with us today to get the ball rolling!

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