Frosted Acrylic Lobby Logo Signs Make a Statement for Businesses in Irvine CAWhen you are looking for custom-tailored solar solutions, customers know to call Orange County Solar Installations at 24 Executive Park. When this company needed frosted acrylic lobby signs in Irvine, CA, the management team knew to call Superior Signs and Graphics. We were happy to help the client!


Custom-Designed Frosted Acrylic Makes for Great Lobby Signs

Frosted Acrylic Lobby Logo Signs Make a Statement for Businesses in Irvine CAFor this project, we prepared two frosted acrylic lobby signs. One displays die-cut vinyl graphics, and the other features three-dimensional acrylic graphics. Selecting frosted acrylic is an excellent choice when you are looking to minimize the glare that direct light can cause. For the installation, technicians used brushed aluminum standoffs. The result is a display that brings elegance to any space.


What Makes Acrylic a Frequently Requested Material for All Types of Lobby Signs?

Frosted Acrylic Lobby Logo Signs Make a Statement for Businesses in Irvine CAWe have already touched on the elegance of a frosted acrylic panel for your lobby or conference room. That said, clear acrylic is the right selection for the client who loves the glossy finish of a glass-like panel. It has an avant-garde appeal that identifies the company known for thinking out of the box.


So far, we have only talked about acrylic panels. However, we can also use the material to manufacture three-dimensional letters. These 3D letters can come in a variety of depths, all the way up to one inch. Once again, you might select frosted or clear acrylic. Another great look is the option of working with dyed acrylic material that has color incorporated into the material. It creates a uniformity that pertains not only to the facings of the letters but also to the cut edges.


Another excellent way of using acrylic for your lobby signs is the display of two brand colors. For example, we would paint the front of the letters in your standard corporate color. However, we can paint the sides in a different tone. Incorporating a second color supports your brand message. Moreover, if you decide to focus on a clear contrast between the letters and the backdrop, consider having us paint the edges in black or white for the most significant tone differentiation possible.


Illuminated Lobby Signs? Acrylic is a Good Choice!

Another reason for the popularity of acrylic is its suitability for use with LEDs. When an acrylic panel is painted, we can hide LEDs behind it to create a stunning edge-lighting impression. Frequently, clients ask us to illuminate one or two sides in this way. We can also incorporate acrylic with metal for a mixed-media sign. In this setting, acrylic may be relied on as push-through letters that pop out of a metal frame hiding the light sources.


With so many options, it is easy to get confused. If you have been thinking of buying frosted acrylic lobby signs in Irvine, CA, want to take a closer look at clear-finish acrylic instead, or are curious about using the materials in 3D lettering, we can help. Call us today for an appointment or a quote!

Frosted Acrylic Lobby Logo Signs Make a Statement for Businesses in Irvine CA