We recently had the opportunity to do more work for the TN Investments Group. Over the years, we have taken on plenty of projects for this client, particularly around the properties that advertised for tenants. A good example is the signage package we did for the Huntington Clay Apartments. This time, we visited the City Villas at 13061 Lampson Avenue to put up pole-mounted banners in Garden Grove, CA.

custom designed pole banners in garden grove, ca

What are Pole Banners?

Our shop frequently designs, fabricates, and installs pole banners for apartment complexes, car dealerships, and malls. But what are they? Generally, they are single or double-sided vertical banners that we hang from light or street poles. Messages are typically brand-building or promotional. 

Because these banners are installed outside, we like to use the most durable materials possible. Examples include vinyl and vinyl mesh. We imprint the material with bold colors and lettering that spells out your company’s name and the promotion you are advertising. Because these banners can be reused, we occasionally work with event organizers who want safety and venue-specific information imprinted that can be used year after year. 

Of course, property management companies or school districts sometimes ask for custom-designed pole banners because of the aesthetic appeal they bring to a space. The combination of colors and graphics can create a visually striking display.

pole mounted banners in garden grove, ca

Lining a Busy Street to Advertise Apartment Vacancies

For this project, the client requested the design of several banners that would be installed on poles just a few feet apart. These underscore the amenities the apartment complex offers to tenants. Highlighting that units are newly renovated and feature washer and dryer hookups are great selling points that get the attention of prospective renters. 

We added the apartment complex’s name and its brand colors. Moreover, notice that we only included one talking point per pole banner. Our graphic artist intentionally did this because it puts the lettering at the center. While adding more letters and words would be possible, the messages would be harder to read. And this would take away from the success of the promotional messages. 

pole banners for apartment complexes in garden grove, ca

Combining Pole Banners with Other Marketing Signage

The client combined the pole banners with an A-frame sign highlighting the direction to the leasing office with an arrow. Other signage options include horizontal banners, flutter flags, and inserts for monument signs. Clients have also had excellent success placing A-frames on the corners along busy streets to get maximum exposure for the advertising messages. 

If your property management company is looking for pole-mounted banners in Garden Grove, CA, or its surrounding areas, we can help. We work with the designs you have or develop something completely new. In many cases, incoming property management companies change the brand displays and any property improvements they make. Our graphic artist can handle the design of the new look that perfectly encapsulates the branding you are looking for.

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