Our latest project brought us to the offices of Syntegric Advisors in Arcadia. The client is a small business accounting services firm. We had previously worked at the L.A. offices, and the management team liked our work so much that they had us do acrylic 3D logo wall signs in Los Angeles, CA, for the new location. The material is an ideal setup for displaying the gradient color changes that set this client’s logo presentation apart. Why do companies – like our clients – favor three-dimensional logo signs?

frosted acrylic wall logo signs in los angeles, ca

Effective Branding Tools 

The company’s logo is integral to its brand identity. Displaying it prominently in the office establishes a sense of employee pride and ownership. It also creates a positive impression on customers and visitors who walk into the office, conveying that the company is serious about its brand image.

Full Customization is Possible

Acrylic 3D logo wall signs are fully customizable, allowing companies to create unique signage that reflects their brand image. Examples include the signs’ size, color, and shape, meaning companies can choose a design that best suits their brand and office décor. Moreover, our team designs a sign incorporating intricate details and textures, making them visually appealing and eye-catching. A case in point is the client’s selection of gradient color changes.

Durability Keeps the Signs Looking Great

frosted acrylic panels with wall standoffs for offices in los angeles, ca

Acrylic is durable and long-lasting. The material is suitable for signage used for extended periods, providing a good return on investment for the company. Additionally, acrylic is easy to clean, ensuring the signs remain pristine. 

Recyclable Acrylic Meets a Client’s Goals for Sustainability

Acrylic signs are environmentally friendly. Acrylic is a recyclable material. It lets specialized recyclers repurpose the acrylic. Doing so helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint and demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Make Acrylic 3D Logo Wall Signs in Los Angeles, CA, Focal Points in Your Office

Logo wall signs are a focal point in the office, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. We can strategically place signage in the reception area or lobby, where customers and visitors easily see them. It creates a positive first impression and makes the office more inviting and professional.

acrylic 3d logo wall signs in los angeles, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing acrylic signage for offices and retail locations. As we did for this client, we can do acrylic panels or stand-alone three-dimensional products that identify your brand identity. Our graphic artist will gladly work with your team to discover which signage solution suits your unique space.

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