Earlier, our team designed, produced, and installed showroom wall graphics and commercial truck wraps for MDC. This time, we flipped the script on the client’s request for new partial wraps for commercial trucks in Buena Park, CA. Take a look!

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Working with Vehicles’ Base Colors

When you look at the earlier project, you see that we transformed a white truck into a black one. However, this time, the client had purchased black vehicles. Therefore, we were able to redesign the 3M truck wraps to factor in the base color and transform a full into a partial wrap. This project saved the client money because we could incorporate the vehicle’s base color.

partial truck wraps in orange county, ca

Partial Vehicle Wraps vs. Truck Lettering and Decals

We have already discussed switching from a full to a partial wrap. However, what is the difference between partial vehicle wraps and truck lettering with decals? Both are popular options for businesses looking to promote their brand. While both methods have their advantages, understanding the key differences helps you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and goals.

Partial Vehicle Wraps Offer a Versatile and Eye-Catching Transformation

Change the look of your company’s vehicle. With a partial wrap, a portion of the vehicle’s surface, such as the sides or rear, is covered with high-quality vinyl graphics. These graphics can incorporate vibrant colors, intricate designs, and even realistic images, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Partial wraps provide a more comprehensive coverage than truck lettering and decals, making them ideal for creating a bold and impactful visual statement.

3M vinyl wraps for trucks in orange county, ca

One significant advantage of partial vehicle wraps is their ability to provide a seamless and professional appearance. The vinyl material used in wraps conforms to the vehicle’s contours, giving it a paint-like finish. This seamless integration makes the wrap appear like an original vehicle part, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the vinyl protects the underlying paintwork from scratches and UV damage, preserving the vehicle’s resale value.

Truck Lettering and Decals Offer a Straightforward, Cost-Effective Solution for Branding 

With truck lettering, individual vinyl letters are applied directly to the vehicle’s surface, spelling out the desired message or company name. Decals are pre-designed vinyl graphics that can be easily affixed to the car, providing an instant visual impact.¬†

Letters and decals are a popular choice for businesses seeking a clean and professional look without the need for extensive graphics or design. They offer versatility in font, size, and color options, allowing customization to suit specific branding requirements. Truck lettering and decals are also a practical choice for companies that frequently update their branding or messaging.

Another advantage of truck lettering and decals is their affordability. They are typically more budget-friendly than partial vehicle wraps, making them an attractive option for small businesses or companies with limited marketing budgets.

3M Truck wraps in orange county, ca

Letters, Decals, Full, and Partial Wraps for Commercial Trucks in Buena Park, CA

The choice between partial vehicle wraps, truck lettering, and decals depends on your needs, budget, and branding objectives. Our team specializes in designing, producing, and installing all types of wraps and graphics. We gladly help you consider your goals and budget to determine which option best aligns with your requirements. Call us today!