Product: truck decals

Location: Kent, Washington

Client: Republic Services


When you are looking for an effective marketing tool to reach the largest amount of consumers possible, then look no further than vehicle wraps and decals. These products are known for their wide range of customizing options, as well as the ability to create lasting impressions in the minds of thousands of prospective customers with every drive! Recently, Shine On Signs & Graphics was contacted by Republic Services with the need for a custom decal package. Knowing the importance and advantages associated with these products, our team got to work on giving our new client a custom sign solution.

This project started with our team removing the existing decals from the truck. They were out dated and had lost the vibrancy that would produce the results our client was looking for. Once the old decals were off, we got to work on installing the new decals that we had fabricated on the sides and back of the truck. These products were great depictions of the logo and information needed to make a statement in the community of our client’s brand. We utilized a premium reflective vinyl to make these decals for Republic Services and it showed in their legibility and precision!

Republic Services is a well-known waste management company that has been in the community for some time. With such a recognizable logo, this truck will be easily associated with their company and its brand. See the finished decals installed on the side of the truck in the image above.

At Shine On Signs & Graphics, we are invested in the development of high-end products that will be effective, long-lasting, and affordable. Vehicle graphics are one of our most recommended products as they cover all of those bases easily! Decals or wraps on your vehicle will only require a one-time payment that will continually produce results. They offer a durable marketing tool that will be able to withstand the use of your vehicle with minimal maintenance. One of the best things about these signs is the productivity they possess; this is due to the limitless customizing options offered. You can make your decal or wrap look any way that you can imagine, and our design team is on hand if you need help finding a concept that fits your aesthetic and brand. Located in Renton, WA, Shine On Signs & Graphics also services the areas of Kent, Maple Valley, and Burien. Come to our showroom today and we will share the specific advantages offered to your business directly with vehicle decals and wraps.

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