How Signworld Supports OSHA Safety Sign Initiatives

How Signworld Supports OSHA Safety Sign Initiatives

When it comes to signs, it’s all about communicating a message clearly and effectively to those reading them at that moment. This is especially important regarding OSHA signs in manufacturing facilities, retail buildings, and practically any other type of building. Since these signs contain emergency information or instructions that can be life-saving, having signs that are up-to-date, feature stunning and easy-to-understand graphics, and of course accurate information are essential. At Signworld, we support the OSHA safety sign initiative in numerous ways, ensuring customers ultimately get signs they know will help keep others safe.

Bridging Language Barriers

As today’s workforce and society as a whole becomes more diverse, being able to have a safety sign that can bridge language barriers is crucial for everyone’s protection. At Signworld, we recognize this and work with our partners to make sure any safety sign created will feature the latest OSHA-approved graphic symbols for various alerts. To meet global compliance objectives, we work to ensure proper shapes, colors, and design principles are used on any type of safety sign.

Clear And Concise Messaging

Knowing a sign is only effective if it can be easily understood in an instant, we at Signworld know how crucial clear and concise messaging is to any type of safety sign. Thus, sign shops who partner with Signworld always ensure any text on a safety sign not only meets with OSHA approval, but also conveys the message the customers wants to their intended audience.

State-Of-The-Art Visual Communication

As visual safety communication becomes increasingly important in more and more buildings, sign shops must be able to provide their customers with state-of-the-art visual communication with each and every sign produced. By staying abreast of the latest safety sign research and trends, Signworld and our partners can work with customers to make sure all signs meet OSHA guidelines and will be able to serve the purpose for which they are intended.

Selecting The Proper Signs

When a safety sign is needed in a building, the selection process is more complex than most people realize. Taking into account OSHA guidelines, language barriers that may exist, and of course the hazard that needs to be addressed, the best results usually come from a collaboration between the customer and the sign shop itself. By knowing the sign business inside and out, sign shops can offer suggestions on how to improve signage while still meeting OSHA requirements.

By knowing the key aspects of OSHA safety sign initiatives, Signworld partners can make a real difference in keeping workplaces, schools, and other areas safe. If you’re ready to expand your sign business or are interested in starting your own sign shop, let us at Signworld help you make it happen.


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