How to Create Office Signs the Right Way


How to Create Office Signs the Right Way


You may not believe that there really is such thing as effective interior office signs. You also may not believe there is a way to measure effectiveness. However, whether you want to believe it or not, when it comes to what signs are supposed to do, there are definitely ones that are ineffective. The best way to determine if signs are effective at doing the job they are meant to do is to pay attention to what other businesses are doing. By judging the signage everywhere you go, you will notice what works and what does not.


Have you ever entered a large building and been overwhelmed with the prospect of trying to find where you need to go? Or, perhaps, you have had a seamless experience in big complexes where there was proper office signage to guide you where you needed to go? Signs need to be able to show people where they need to go effectively and simply, whether they are directional signs, room signs, or directories. This can be done by creating signs that are simple to read, mounted in the proper place, and easy to understand.


Easy to Read and Understand


What does it mean for office signs to be easy to understand and read? Basically, the color combinations should make it simple to tell the foreground from the background. Also, the characters should be sized to enable visitors to your building to read them from a respectable distance. Finally, the characters on the signs should be intuitive and not confusing. You want your message to get across.


Depending on your purposes, you will need an appropriately sized sign. For example, you need to make sure overhead office signs being used for directional purposes are big enough for people to see from a distance. Plus, the information on this large sign should be big enough to be understood and seen.


Some believe that easy to understand and read signs are ugly. This is not the case. You do not have to compromise aesthetics to create a good sign that gets your message across. Without having to create unappealing signage, Signworld expert owners can integrate readability factors.


ADA Elements Are also a Must


Every person who comes into your establishment needs to be able to use your office signs. To do that, they must be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Compliance elements include the use of the right fonts, proper color contrasts, the utilization of correctly sized characters per mounting height and signage size, and the use of non-gloss and non-glare finishes.


It should also be noted here that you will get in trouble with the law if you use signs that are not ADA compliant. When you are found to be non-compliant, there is the possibility of fines, having to change out the signs you already installed, and other penalties. Signworld owners are well-versed on the law and can bring you up to speed.


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