How To Generate Record Sign Sales In 2021

How To Generate Record Sign Sales In 2021

Do you want to generate record sign sales in 2021? It’s completely possible with Signworld’s “pandemic-proof” business model. Read on to learn two ways we help our partners profit in 2021, or call 888-765-7446 to speak directly with a Signworld representative.

Capitalize On The Growing Demand For Digital Signage With Signworld

New market reports indicate that the overall digital signage market is poised to grow from $20.82 billion in 2019 to $29.63 billion by 2024, advancing at a CAGR of 7.3%.

The digital signage market includes a vast array of products, including:

  • Digital posters
  • Free standing digital ad displays
  • Ceiling-mounted digital
  • Digital sign boards
  • Fluorescent signs
  • Incandescent signs
  • Digital menu boards
  • LCD/HID plasma signs
  • Outdoor LED signs
  • LED digital billboards, and more!

While some are simple, static LED displays, others display dynamic video, news tickers, community information, weather reports, scrolling text, image slideshows, menus, and just about anything else you can imagine. Some are even interactive, allowing users to look up nearby stores (e.g. digital mall directories) or select different content.

For self-starters, penetrating the digital signage market won’t be easy. You’ll need some level of technological fluency to choose the right products (not to mention the right vendor contacts), and you’ll also need to teach yourself how to manufacture, customize, program, and install everything you sell.

But for Signworld partners, it’s easy. Simply tap into our extensive vendor network and choose the products you want to sell from exclusive catalogs, then take advantage of one of the hundreds of continuing education resources we offer. You’ll get free training, hands-on coaching, and 24/7 support as you expand into this area, and you’ll always have access to the combined sign inventories of 330+ partners around the country.

If you want to capitalize on the soaring demand for digital signage, call 888-765-7446 and find out what’s involved in getting started.

Open Up Virtual Sales Channels And Contactless Services

According to research by the National Bureau of Economic Research, eCommerce is booming during the pandemic, with each additional confirmed case of COVID-19 increasing sales by 5.7% in their analysis. Though their study focussed on the way COVID-19 increased the demand for online food shopping services, this effect is seen in all industries. Sign shop owners who want to generate record sign sales in 2021 need to deliver on this demand for online services.

For self-starters, that’s a tall task, but Signworld partners need not worry. Long before the pandemic, we established professional online sales channels, and many owners were generating more than half of their revenue through eCommerce alone. With COVID-19 now upping the demand for online shopping options, Signworld partners are enjoying greater patronage via their websites with little disruption to normal operations.

Generate Record Sales With Signworld In 2021

Call 888-765-7446 or visit the Signworld business alliance website to learn about all the different ways we generate business for our partners while helping to control costs.


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