Iconic Signage And It’s Place In The Modern Day Sign Arena

Hatch show prints signMost of you, but not all of you, either aren’t old enough to have gone to a baseball game in the 30’s or a Johnny Cash concert in the late 50’s, or, you don’t live close enough to the home of one of the largest music scenes in Nashville, TN, to have seen or even know what a Hatch Show Print is.  But, Hatch Show Prints, a printing icon in Nashville was founded in 1879 and has been producing event posters that have captured the imagination with their simplistic design and old school look.


The technology used at this Nashville-based printing house has never changed, only the faces of the customers: from Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash to Bruce Springsteen, Etta James to Kid Rock, the Carter Family to Taylor Swift, and many others. While Hatch Show Prints’ name is synonymous with the music business, its posters promoting football and baseball games, state fairs, stock car races, and picture shows reflect the originality of American Pop Culture.


Like all other forms of art, the posters and signs of Hatch Show Print are designed to make us stop, admire and enjoy the originality put into each print.  Most signs today are meant to capture your imagination, entice your senses and compel you to purchase something that is going to make you a better person or happier.   But Hatch Show Prints are loaded with snappy graphics, punchy titles, humor and irony.   It’s ultimately what makes them irresistible.  Hatch Show Prints, is still a working letterpress and design shop, creating posters today using the same letterpress methods as yesterday.


Hatch Show Prints Montage


Sign companies of today, utilizing modern technology are able to duplicate the iconic look created by Hatch Show Prints and bring an old-school flavor to modern day signage.  Whether your future customers are an ice cream stand, a concert hall or any event company utilizing promotional advertising, Hatch-style printed signage is sure to capture the imagination of their existing customer-base and more importantly attract new customers who will be drawn to its Pop Culture based appearance.


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