Innovative Signs – Tuscon, AZ

Innovative Signs

Innovative Signs, owned by Anton Chism in Tuscon, AZ, recently completed a very unique project – a rocket wrap! Vector space recently went through a rebrand phase and wanted to update the artwork on their rocket. Innovative Signs had worked with this client before so they were the first choice for this job. The artwork was supplied but Innovative Signs needed to measure and calculate the weight of the vinyl, so Vector could calculate the trajectory. Anton’s company has wrapped six of their rockets and one more to be done this week. Six more rockets need to be wrapped and there’s potential of one hundred rockets in the future. With this project, Innovative Signs has become the first sign company in the United State to completely wrap a functioning rocket that has been and will be launched in outer space. The most recent rewrap was a black carbon fiber wrap with copper chrome and white decals applied 1st surface. This rocket will be hung in the Kennedy Space Museum.

Innovative Sign rocket wrap