Ken Kindt and Jack Werner of Signworld Conduct Public Webinar

Honolulu, HI – September, 13, 2011– Ken Kindt and Jack Warner of Signworld today conducted a public webinar for all Signworld owners. Typically, Ken Kindt, the President and Founder of Signworld, is joined by Jack Werner, V.P. of Signworld and former Signworld Owner, and three current Signworld owners on these open webinars.
Once a month, Signworld holds a public webinar that is open for anyone to call in and learn more about Signworld in a fairly low-pressure way. On a recent webinar Ken Kindt, Jack Werner and the panel of Signworld owners were asked two commonly asked questions by prospective Signworld Owners.

The first question asked to Ken Kindt and the panel had to do with the quality of training and support as well as if the expectations each owner had were matched. All three owners on the call, Larry Foster from Troy, MI, Kelley Campbell from Vancouver, WA and Tim McCord from Plano, TX, emphatically said, “Yes”. Ken Kindt finished off the answer with, “we work hard to ensure that we have the best possible training program amongst sign franchise organizations. Our staff meets on a weekly basis to discuss potential changes to the training program and tweaks that can be made to existing modules to ensure that the Signworld owners have every tool they need to maximize their potential.”

After a few rounds of questions, Ken Kindt and the panel were hit with another frequently asked question. The prospective owner spoke up and asked, “Can you tell me about the resale potential of this type of business?” Ken Kindt, responded with, “Signworld operations fall into the manufacturing sector which will always have a higher resale multiple than its counterparts in other sectors, i.e. distribution, service and retail. Most of our re-sales happen very quickly, for close to full asking price, and in most cases are sold to a local competitor who is looking to expand. One of our more recent resale’s sold for $3.1M, all cash. The numbers will be different for every operation, based on how big you want to grow the business, but the potential for a high resale value compared to other business sectors is there.”

About Signworld
Signworld is a national organization with more than 260 independently owned sign companies, which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. Jack Warner and Ken Kindt lead the Top management at Signworld. It is personable, creative, rewarding and ideal for people-oriented individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage a sales and production business. Signworld affiliates are a cut above traditional sign companies. Ongoing support and training is provided along with state-of-the-art equipment. Signworld business model runs on a no royalty concept. You can learn more about Signworld at


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