Level-Up Your Advertising For Less With A-frame Signs

Level-Up Your Advertising for Less with A-Frame Signs

With more than 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing A-frame signs, the Signworld business alliance shares some “buy-side” insights on this versatile sign type.

What Are A-frame Signs?

Known sometimes as “Sandwich board” signs and “Sidewalk signs,” A-frame signs are commonly used by cafes, restaurants, and other businesses with sidewalk storefronts. The A-shaped frame can be made from durable plastic or metal. The sign “poster” or “board” itself is usually replaceable, though some A-frame signs use a chalkboard surface.

Benefits Of A-frame Signs

First and foremost, A-frame signs work. One study by the University of San Diego stated that on average, having one additional on-premise A-frame sign increases annual revenue by 4.75%.

 A-frame signs are also extremely affordable, especially compared to largest structural signage. And once you’ve bought the frame, you can swap out the message anytime, making them ideal for temporary and seasonal messaging.

 Best of all, A-frame signs are tremendously versatile. Signworld partners can custom design any logo, graphics, or display to suit any signage need, and the frame itself is durable, portable, and strong enough to withstand almost any weather conditions.

New Sign Study Shows A-frame Sign Effectiveness

A recent roadside signage study sought to quantify the actual advertising value of A-frame signage. The researchers set up three sign displays: static freestanding signage (A-frame sign), a static sign held by an employee who did not move, and a sign being worked by a sign spinner. All signs had the same call to action–Honk if you see this sign!

 For each test, the sign displays were shown to 100 passing cars in a moderately trafficked metropolitan area outside of Salt Lake City. To make sure the drivers read the sign while driving (and not while stopped at a light), researchers set up these displays a quarter mile from the oncoming stoplight and roughly 200 feet from the one behind them.

 Each test was conducted twice, and the results showed that even simple A-frame signs made a big impression on drivers. Out of a possible 200 conversions, freestanding A-frame signs got 57 responses. That’s more than a 25% success rate!

Ideal A-frame Sign Advertising Conditions

A-frame signs are great for targeting pedestrian and roadside traffic in low density, low traffic areas, according to new A-frame sign research. Researchers suggest this may be due to the fact that heavy, dense foot-traffic can obstruct freestanding A-frame signs. But for less crowded walkways, A-frame signs are extremely effective for generating impressions, and research shows that they consistently increase foot traffic by at least 8.3%.

 If your business does not have a sidewalk storefront, or is located in an extremely busy area, A-frame signs might not be the best choice. In those cases, hanging signs might be best to ensure maximum visibility.

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