Liberty Signs – Oldcastle

Tom Edwards, the owner of Liberty Signs, Inc., located in Greenville, SC., sent in a recently completed project for Oldcastle.
Liberty Signs got this lead through their website from Oldcastle which is the company that makes Sakrete (concrete or mortar mix that one sees in Home Depot and Lowes, etc.).
Tom mentioned , “We spoke to them about a number of ideas for a sign out in front of their new manufacturing facility in Cowpens, SC. – just down the road from the giant “peach” water tower. Rick Panczner of Paramount Signs gave us a great lead on ProSigns out of Downingtown, PA for the fabrication.
The sign itself is a flex-face fabric, internally lighted LED, and it weighs about 5,500 pounds. The base support pole is about 3300 lbs., and the 8.5’ deep base is filled with about 86,000 lbs. of concrete. The sign stands about 42’ high and is visible immediately off of Interstate 85 in Cowpens (and if any of you don’t know the significance of Cowpens in our Revolutionary War history – you ought to look it up!)
What a fun project. Check out these photos from the project!
This was indeed our biggest project so far this year, but if you look in the background of the second photo you’ll see a production tower. Our next project for them is to put their “Oldcastle” logo on the side of the building above those tanks – about 125’ up.”
Can’t wait!