3 Trends in Vinyl Vehicle Graphics for 2018

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Any good business owner knows how important it is to stay apprised of new trends. Therefore, today’s post spotlights 3 of the hottest vinyl vehicle graphic trends of 2017 to prepare you for a profitable 2018! #1 – Customizing New Cars with Classic Symbols “Tread-heads” and racing enthusiasts have always

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4 Tips for Better Vinyl Vehicle Graphics Business Operations

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics Business

Today’s post shares 4 tips for better vinyl vehicle graphics business operations. Read on to learn how to market your shop better, increase customer satisfaction, and conduct smoother installations. #1 – Know your market The demand for vinyl vehicle graphics falls into a few distinct market categories. Knowing which of

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Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl Graphics: Installation Temperatures 101

Vinyl Graphics Installation Temperatures

As we transition from the holiday season into the bitter winter months, many business owners are wondering: is it too cold out to install vinyl graphics? While the answer will depend on your exact location, we can shed some general best practices on vinyl’s optimal temperature range. For starters, extreme

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8 Undeniable Benefits of Neon Signs

Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon signs have been helping business owners stand out for decades. Though you’d think the novelty would have worn off by now, they’re still as effective as ever. Today’s post spotlights 8 undeniable benefits that neon signs have offered business owners since the 1950s High visibility. Neon signs are a

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5 Custom Sign Design Strategies

Custom Sign Design

Custom sign design is a fun, creative process, but it’s important to approach this task with clear goals in mind. For most business owners, sign design goals are simple: companies want to end up with clear, concise, and engaging copy that compels the reader to take the desired action, whether

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Is Illuminated Signage Right for Me? 3 Things to Consider

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs are incredibly popular options for business owners. Our dynamic digital, neon, and LED models work day and night to draw the eyes of clients, effectively doubling your business’s visibility and driving home your marketing message 24/7. If your business is fighting for eyes in a busy area, a

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Choosing the Right Sign for Your Business

Sign for Your Business

In 1997, the University of San Diego published the results of a landmark study for the sign industry. For the very first time, quantitative, peer-reviewed analyses pinpointed the real business results that quality signage could produce. According to their research, the addition of one sign at every fast-food franchise in

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Tech-Savvy Tips for Better Small Business Signage

Small Business Signage

Many people make the mistake of dismissing signage as an “old-school” kind of business advertising. While it’s true that much of modern marketing occurs in the virtual world, that hasn’t made physical signage any less effective. For best results, we recommend combining both, which is why we’ve prepared 3 tech-savvy

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5 Major Signage Errors to Watch Out For

Signage Errors

Today’s post outlines 5 rapid-fire signage errors that have brought small business advertising campaigns to ruin! Read on to learn some best (and worst) practices to inform your next sign design. #1 – Undersized Signage Have you ever heard that “less is more”? This old adage gets bandied about the

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Signworld Technical Tips: Brush Control Basics for Hand-Painted Signage

Signworld Technical Tips Brush Control Basics for Hand-Painted Signage

Today’s post outlines some technical tips for hand-painted signage. Read on to learn the secrets to brush control, selection, and maintenance for better signage results. Technical Tips for Hand-Painting Letters Like calligraphy, lettering is an art form that requires a lot of skill and practice. Before you move on to

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