Overcome The Top-3 Challenges Facing Sign Professionals With Signworld

Overcome The Top-3 Challenges Facing Sign Professionals With Signworld

Today’s post explains how the Signworld business alliance helps sign shop owners overcome the top-3 industry challenges listed in the most recent Sign Research Foundation Annual Report.

1.  Education/Onboarding New Employees

Nowadays, most of the top-performing sign shops offer a full-service experience, meaning that they provide all the products and services needed to complete the job in-house. This “one-stop shop” model saves consumers time, streamlining the sign design and manufacturing process, and it also saves them money, creating more opportunities for bulk-buy discounts and bundling services.

But for sign shop start-ups, this full-service model can feel quite prohibitive, as the cost and complexity of training naturally increase. Consumers are increasingly expecting sign shop employees to have expert knowledge in graphic design, all-type sign manufacturing, sign installation, sign repair and maintenance, large format printing, and local sign codes. Given that lengthy curriculum, it’s no wonder so many sign shops ranked “education/onboarding new employees” as their top challenge.

That said, onboarding challenges are nothing new, and the Signworld business alliance has been helping sign shop start-ups train full-service experts since 2006. Here’s a few ways we help simplify your onboarding process:

  • Comprehensive pre-opening training program for owners that includes onboarding strategies and advanced on-site training for you and your staff
  • Weekly small group webinars plus one-on-one training time for staff
  • 24/7 video tutorial library access so you can assign training materials and monitor progress anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device
  • Access to the Signworld owner’s forum, where you can request help and share tips for onboarding with fellow Signworld partners

And if you’d rather skip the challenges of new employee training altogether, we also teach our partners how to manage sub-contracted installers, designers, and manufacturers.

2.  Understanding Emerging Trends In Technology And Materials

Keeping pace with technological innovation isn’t easy, especially in the sign industry, where breakthroughs in eco-friendly signage materials and digital sign tech seem to happen every other week. But if you want to stay competitive in this industry, it’s a must, and Signworld can help.

We offer:

  • An unparalleled start-up package, complete with all the top new sign tech
  • Weekly group webinars highlighting emerging technology, sign trends, and threats/opportunities
  • Online technical support to help you implement new tech worry-free
  • 3-day annual conventions with 30+ seminars introducing you to new sign tech and trends

3.  Financing New Signage

As is often the case in business, at the end of the day, money matters overshadow all others, so it’s little wonder that financing new signage appears at the top of the list. But Signworld can help.

All Signworld partners get access to exclusive supply discounts that save owners thousands of dollars every year, and our lean start-up model provides unparalleled cost control.

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