Every publicly accessed building is required to display signage that is complaint with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  ADA signs are designed to aid those with disabilities in finding exits, restrooms and other areas of need or interest in a public facility.  ADA signage is made by printing or engraving Braille onto various substrates.  Non-compliance with ADA sign legislation can result in heavy fines for you as the business owner.

As a new Signworld owner, you’ll have the ability to design ADA compliant signage and leverage our Preferred Partner network to complete the production and installation portions of the project, all while making a profit.  As you grow in experience, you’ll begin to take on more aspects of each ADA project.  Some owners have even brought in additional equipment to manufacture ADA signage and control the entire project process from order to installation ultimately offering the customer better pricing and turnaround times while increasing your profit margin as an owner.