Selecting The Best Business Sign Finish: Glossy Vs. Matte

Selecting the Best Business Sign Finish: Glossy vs. Matte

In regard to the issue of selecting a business sign finish, the choice will really be up to you. This is because you know where your sign will be located and what you hope to achieve with your sign. For example, a sign that is located in a low position where many people pass by could be prone to a lot of fingerprints. That is the reason why you will want to consider the finish for your sign. We will explain what types of benefits glossy and matte finishes offer. Then you will better understand which business sign finish would be most appropriate for your sign.

Glossy Finish

A business sign finish that is glossy is beautifully bright. It is reflective, which adds to its appeal. The effect of a glossy finish is also pleasingly smooth. This type of business sign finish is great for images, particularly in cases where the images apply a lot of high contrast. This type of finish is not always optimal when there is the presence of much text.

When you want deep, rich colors for your business sign finish, then you will be greatly benefited when you select a glossy finish. Reds will really stand out. The same is true for green, purple, blue and yellow. In essence, the colors of the business sign finish will have the semblance of bursting forth from the sign when the finish is glossy, which makes the sign all that more intriguing, engaging and enticing.

When you prefer the usage of a business sign finish that is glossy, then it is wise to note that this type of finish should be used with the presence of low light. This will prevent extreme glare. You will appreciate the fact that your business will have an edgy and modern vibe when the finish of the sign is glossy.

Matte Finish

A business sign finish that is matte is more demure and may even seem to be more sophisticated and elegant. This type of business sign finish tends to be soft and flat. This is a wonderful type of finish for your sign to consider when there is the usage of images that are muted and that apply low contrast.

A matte finish is also ideal for your business sign finish when you want to make sure that your sign will remain clear of fingerprints and smudges. Also, this type of sign finish is terrific for usage with bright light due to the fact that there will be no reflections, such as there are when the business sign finish is glossy.

When you want all the details of the images of your sign to really stand out, then it is beneficial for you to decide to select the usage of a finish for your sign that is matte. Naturally, this type of finish draws the eye to all the details of the sign that are not so readily available with the usage of a sign finish that is glossy.

We here at SignWorld would be pleased to design your signs according to your needs and preference. That means that the finish will be either glossy or matte, based on your specifications. We are sure that you will be happy with the results.


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