Sign Business Owner’s Guide to Outsourcing

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Outsourcing production is a popular option for Signworld business partners, offering a fast and effective way to diversify your offerings and expand your portfolio.

In today’s post, we discuss how outsourcing fits into the business model for Signworld business partners, and share a few tips for better project management.

What can I make in my shop?

With the help of our start-up tools, training, and support, members of the Signworld business alliance are able to make all of the following products in-store on their first day of business:

  • Vehicle wraps and graphics. This includes any vinyl wraps for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, helicopters, and even low-speed planes.
  • Digitally printed graphics in almost any medium you can imagine.
  • Murals and wallpapers for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Dynamic digital signs for modern wayfinding, informational uses, and point-of-sale displays.
  • Flags, including business-related materials and any regional, city, or national flags.
  • Textile and fabric prints of different varieties.
  • Point-of-purchase signs that can be scaled to fit the biggest checkout or tiniest countertop.
  • Wayfinding signage for permanent or temporary display.
  • Real estate signage that will please even the pickiest self-promoter.
  • Safety signs that are fully compliant with current ANSI and OSHA regulations.
  • Tradeshow displays,including graphics, banners, and A-frames.
  • Decals and stickers of all styles, shapes, and sizes.
  • Die-cut graphics and much more!

As you can see, our business model and shop start-up package is designed so that the owner is able to meet the needs of diverse industries and clientele. In this way, we ensure that our business partners have multiple revenue streams available to them on their first day of business.

However, the ultimate goal Signworld business partners is for their shops to serve as one-stop solutions for everyone in need of signage. And that’s why some owners decide to expand their manufacturing capabilities with outsourced production.

What can I outsource as a Signworld business partner?

Here a sample of what existing members of the Signworld business alliance have outsourced:

  • Branded promotional items like mugs, embroidery, and other giveaway memorabilia.
  • Awnings and canopies for storefronts and patios.
  • Direct to garment printing using digital designs on shirts, hats, and other clothing items.
  • Neon signs of all different sizes for businesses and private events.
  • Sandblasted and carved signs for corporate and artisanal clients.
  • ADA and engraved signage and much more!

But as with every other aspect of our opportunity, the sky’s the limit, as there are no restrictions placed on members of the Signworld business alliance. Members of our partnership will be happy to connect you with other manufacturers, and more opportunities will open up as you continue to establish yourself in the industry. And we can offer some advice for future outsourcing, too.

Signworld guidelines for outsourced production

There are not hard-and-fast rules – those don’t exist for Signworld business partners – but instead should be used as guidelines to manage and optimize your outsourced production:

  • Retain control of the project. Handing over the work doesn’t mean handing over control! The client is still going to hold you accountable for the end-result, so you need to stay in the driver’s seat. More importantly, staying involved in this way will give you opportunities to learn about this kind of manufacturing, which could prove useful if you choose to expand in that area in the future.
  • Use checks and balances to lower your risk. Whether you choose to implement a design review process, a milestone payment system, or simply take the time to get multiple opinions on a quote you’ve been offered, it’s imperative that you use checks and balances to keep your “employees” honest.
  • Hire specialists only. Would you go to a family doctor to handle your brain surgery? Of course not! Don’t hire a jack-of-all-trades type for specialty work.
  • Ask around the business alliance. If you have any doubt about the manufacturer you’re considering for your outsourced production, consult a few members of the Signworld business alliance. We’re everywhere!

You can learn more about our business alliance and approach to outsourcing at


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