Sign Type Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide To Buying Business Signage

Sign Type Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to Buying Business Signage

Today’s post introduces first-time sign buyers to some of the different options they have for building-mount signage, interior signs, freestanding signs, and digital signs. Read on or call 888-765-7446 for direct access to the sign catalog of a Signworld partner near you.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What Type Of Business Sign Should I Buy? ” img_alt=”” css_class=”ct-faq”] Signage is your business’s most important advertising asset. In a survey of 100,000 shoppers, BrandSpark researchers Kellaris et al. found that 29% of American consumers had been drawn into unfamiliar stores based on the quality of their signage. Additionally, surveys showed that 34.5% of people regularly made “quality assumptions” about brands based on the quality of their signage. [/sc_fs_faq]

The choice to buy business signage is easy, but selecting the right sign type is another matter. When it comes to business signs, you’re really only limited by your imagination—there are all kinds of indoor, outdoor, and vehicular sign styles, all of which are completely customizable.

Don’t worry—we’re here to help. What follows is an introduction to the various sign styles you’ll have to choose from when working with a Signworld partner near you.

Popular Building-Mounted Business Signs

  • Awnings project off the building (typically above a doorway), offering both shelter and advertising opportunities.
  • Canopy signs are similar to awnings, but with less of an emphasis on its shelter functionality.
  • Parapet signs are mounted to the wall or railing that runs along the edge of the roof, known as the “parapet.”
  • Projecting signs extend off the building facade at a perpendicular angle, allowing you to target viewers from a different angle.
  • Fascia signs are sometimes known as wall signs. They can be attached to slanted wall surfaces, called mansards, or any other exterior wall.

Popular Digital Signs For Business

  • Electronic message centers (EMCs) display changing messages and other info, such as time and temperature or news tickers.
  • Video wall displays create high-impact displays and branded spaces.
  • Point-of-purchase displays target buyers with ads and changeable copy right where purchase decisions are made.
  • Digital menu boards show nutritional information, dishes, and prices, often dynamically.

Popular Freestanding Sign Types For Business

  • Directional signs are the keystones of most wayfinding systems, pointing the way for pedestrians or drivers.
  • A-frame signs allow users to place any custom signs or posters into free-standing, ground-level A-frames that effectively target foot traffic and passing automobiles.
  • Monument signs are authoritative ground-level signs, typically with real or simulated masonry elements.
  • Pole signs are rather self-explanatory, mounted on a visible support structure. Exceptionally tall pole signs are called “high-rise pole signs,” whereas signage with an enclosed support structure is called a pylon sign.

Popular Interior Sign Types For Businesses

  • Directory signs appear in apartment buildings or business developments with multiple tenants.
  • Mall signs are similar to directory signs, but mall-specific. They’re also frequently used for more than directions, incorporating all kinds of advertising messages.
  • Regulatory signs keep businesses compliant and ensure both customers and staff stay safe.

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We’ve only scratched the surface with today’s post. Get access to detailed local sign catalogs today—call 888-765-7746 for help finding a Signworld partner near you!


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