Signage As Marketing Communication: Are Your Signs Doing Their Job?

Signage As Marketing Communication: Are Your Signs Doing Their Job?

Today’s post reviews findings from the Signage as Marketing Communication report to help you determine whether your current signs are fulfilling all of their essential functions.

Without further ado, here are the 3 primary roles signage plays:

1.  Signage Facilitates Effective Business Identification

Did you know that nearly two-thirds (61%) of American consumers have failed to find a business they intended to visit because the sign was too small or unclear? It’s true, according to a Sign Research Foundation study of more than 100,000 shoppers.

When you think about it, building identification might be the most important function of a sign—Kellaris and Machleit (2016) list it first in their report for a reason. After all, if even fully “converted” prospects (i.e. those seeking your store with full intent to buy) cannot find your business, that means your marketing budget is largely going to waste. Why spend money spreading your brand name and value propositions if nobody can find your store?

If your signage isn’t doing its job identifying your building, consider the following fixes:

  • Incorporating eye-catching graphics into your design
  • Dialing up the color contrast to improve legibility
  • Supersizing the font
  • Simplifying the typeface
  • Adding internal or external lighting
  • Reconsidering your sign placement

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2.  Signage Simplifies Wayfinding For Better Customer Experiences

“Wayfinding systems serve an important and crucial role well beyond responding to the need for basic navigation, identification, and information,” states the Sign Research Foundation’s wayfinding report. “Wayfinding elements can actually enrich and enhance our experiences.”

To better understand how wayfinding enriches the customer experience, think back to your last visit to any place of business. Was it difficult to find the store? Were you able to find the products you needed, or did you have to ask for help? When nature called, were the bathrooms easy to locate? Was it easy to find the checkout, or did you have to wander around wasting time for a while? Overall, how would you rate your in-store experience? If it was positive, there’s a good chance the owner had their wayfinding system sorted out.

One great way to test out your wayfinding system is to invite a friend or family member to visit your store for the first time, then ask them where to find different elements, sections, or amenities. If they can’t find them within 15-30 seconds, there’s a good chance your wayfinding system is a bit opaque. But don’t worry—any of our 330+ Signworld partners can help you whip any wayfinding system into shape.

3.  Signage Provides The Foundation For Positive Brand Impressions

According to Kellaris and Machleit (2016), signage may “provide inferential cues and basis for thin-slice judgments about the business they represent” (p. 1). In other words, signage forms the basis for most people’s first impressions of your brand. So what do your signs say about you?

If your signage looks shabby, outdated, or poorly made, it will be difficult to establish authoritative impressions, even with a considerable branding budget. Conversely, even a modest branding budget can have great results if it’s anchored by impressive signage.

If you need help creating signage that’s truly representative of your brand, get in touch with a Signworld partner near you!

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