Signworld Owner Jack Werner attends 23rd Signworld Annual Convention

Laguna Hills, CA – May 25, 2011 –  Signworld Owner Jack Werner today attended the 23rd Annual Convention  of Signworld at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. After many years of following along side the sign industry’s largest trade show, The International Sign Association Expo, Signworld decided to break away from tradition and hold their event at a different time.


There were some mixed reactions shared with the Signworld front office from their independent sign companies, but the internal reasons to break away from the piggybacking on the coattails of the ISA Expo were too strong.


“The result of the hard work put into the event was better than we could have ever expected”, said Signworld Owner Jack Werner.  “We had 38 vendors showcasing their products to 103 Signworld locations, up from 21 and 68 respectively.” he added. Signworld set record attendance numbers in both vendors showcasing their products as well as in the number of Owners that participated.


When asked about the advantages that Signworld business model offers to its owners, Jack Werner of Signworld said, “Signworld is a no rules, no royalty concept – our owners are not required to attend the annual conference as they are in franchise setting. We offer two year sales and marketing coaching program alongwith ongoing support without royalty payments and also the ability to own your own building”


About Jack Werner


Jack Warner is the Executive VP of Signworld Corp on a 5 year tranistion to take over Signworld. Signworld is a Business Opportunity training and supporting 260 independently owned sign companies in 40 states + Canada. Jack Werner currently assists people in opening and operating commercial sign companies across North America.