Signworld Releases The 2012 Signworld Convention Agenda

Laguna Hills, CA – Ken Kindt, the President and Founder of Signworld, Jack Werner, VP of Signworld, and the Signworld Team are excited to announce the release of the 2012 Signworld Convention and Tradeshow agenda.  The Signworld Convention and Tradeshow is a private event for the Signworld Owners only and will be attended by well over 200 Signworld Owners.


The agenda features a slew of guest speakers including Jim Trunick, a sales guru who will deliver the Keynote Presentation, Mitch Evans, an industry expert who has run every aspect of a sign manufacturing company, and, Jania Bailey, an expert at building exit stratagies.  The announced agenda will prove to be the best compilations of guest speakers and topics for a Signworld Convention ever put together on one agenda.


The Signworld Convention and Tradeshow features 30 seminars revolving around industry trends, sales & marketing, internet marketing, business operations, technology-based sessions as well as wrap training classes.  The Tradeshow portion will feature 50 of Signworld’s top vendors.  Registration has already begun for the event and a large turnout is expected!


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