Signworld Success Stories: From Start-Up To Sign Magnate

Signworld Success Stories: From Start-Up To Sign Magnate

In today’s post, we share some sign business success stories—the stories of our past and present, and perhaps the story of your future with the Signworld business alliance behind you.

Read on to learn how we can take your sign shop from start-up to success story, like we have for 350+ partners over our 31 years in business.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What Is The Signworld Success Story — From Start-up To Sign Magnate” img_alt=”” css_class=”ct-faq”] Today, Signworld is a successful and influential business organization that neatly fits the definition of sign magnate. But we didn’t start out this way. [/sc_fs_faq]

Signworld was established as a business opportunity in 1988 by founder Ken Kindt, a former financial planner and Ford Motor Company executive. From humble beginnings, Kindt’s unique light manufacturing model quickly began to blossom, and two locations opened within the first year.

Once investors caught wind of our opportunity, and our ongoing commitment to process improvement, it spread like wildfire. Before long hundreds of businesses were being built off our basic program of no-rules, no-royalties, state-of-the-art equipment, and unparalleled training and support.

In 2006, Ken Kindt sold Signworld to Jack Werner, and the Signworld business alliance now comprises 350+ successful sign businesses, over 75 Preferred Partners, and a dedicated corporate team. We’re proud to count some of the most successful sign shops in the country among the Signworld business family, and excited for what the future holds!

Helping Sign Business Owners Write Their Own Success Stories

If you want to read more of our owners’ success stories, check out the Signworld Business Alliance website and our Testimonials page. But if you’d rather write your own, we can help with that too!

No two stories are exactly alike, but every good story contains the same basic elements, like the hook in act one, the surprise plot-twist in act two, and the intense climax in act three. Similarly, your story won’t look exactly like that of founder Ken Kindt’s or current CEO Jack Werner, but it will contain the same basic elements. For members of the Signworld business alliance, that means:

  • A proven business light business manufacturing model that combines diverse sign products, extensive custom manufacturing capabilities, multi-service sign expertise, and online sales channels
  • State-of-the-art equipment package that allows you to make a huge variety of signage, banners, wraps, and digital displays from day-one
  • Responsive support and ongoing coaching from our dedicated corporate team
  • Exclusive supply discounts from our Preferred Partners
  • The collective catalog and sign expertise of more than 350+ partners across the country
  • Weekly sales and marketing coaching webinars with your sign-making peers

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