Team Red, White and Blue (Team RWB) Selected as Signworld’s 2014 Special Missions Partner


Team RWBSignworld is proud to announce that Team Red, White and Blue has been selected as their 2014 Special Missions Partner.  Signworld made the announcement at its annual convention and trade show that took place on March 27-30, 2014.

Throughout the weekend gathering, Signworld hosted a charity golf tournament that was made up of 48 players.  The player pool consisted of Signworld owners and their staff, some Signworld’s Preferred Partners (Vendor network) and Signworld’s corporate staff.  The tournament was held at the Arroyo Golf Club at the Red Rock Country Club.  Kevin Adams, Tournament and Course Director, said of the event, “We love hosting the Signworld Organization at our course.  This was their third year here at Arroyo and we look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.  They do a great job with their tournament and best of all they have worked in the charity effort and raise money and awareness for a great cause while still being able to have a little fun.”


Also throughout the weekend events, Signworld held silent and live auctions for items that were donated by members of Signworld’s Preferred Partner Network.  Items donated consisted of raw materials, gift cards and product credits, as well as tablets and autographed memorabilia.


“It is a lot of work to host a 3-day convention for a network as large as ours and make sure that everyone is getting something out of it to make their business better.  Throw on the addition of a charity function and it almost doubles the workload.  Regardless of the extra work, I truly enjoy hosting the convention and charity functions because so much is given to us that sometimes we lose focus of how we are able to do what we do.  The opportunity to partner with Team Red, White and Blue, and raise some money but more importantly more awareness is something we couldn’t pass up.  Team RWB is doing great work in communities around the country to help get veterans active in their community and on the road to a healthy and happy lifestyle which so many veterans struggle with when returning to civilian life.  I appreciate everything our servicemen and servicewoman do for us, and I hope that our efforts this past weekend assist in growing Team RWB’s efforts and mission.”  Said Dan Werner, Signworld’s VP of Operations.


Team RWB is a community-based organization with over 90 chapters spread out throughout the country.  Their mission is to enrich the lives of veterans by connecting them to their community through recreation and sport.  Click Here to learn more about how you can become a part of Team RWB.


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