The Crucial Role Of Business Signage During COVID-19

The Crucial Role Of Business Signage During COVID-19

How are sign shops thriving during COVID-19 while other businesses fold to pandemic pressures?

Today’s post explains the crucial role our sign partners play for local communities and economies, as well as how this essential service makes our sign shop opportunity a “pandemic-proof” investment.

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Federal Government Recognizes Essential Role Of Sign Shops

From the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the International Sign Association (ISA) advised government officials that our industry is “essential” and must remain open to keep businesses afloat and communities safe.

As a result of these efforts, on April 17, 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) expanded their definition of “critical infrastructure” to include sign shops. CISA guidelines now include:

“Manufacturers and distributors of lighting and communication systems, specialized signage and structural systems, emergency response equipment and support materials, printers, printed materials, packaging materials, pallets, crate containers, and others suppliers needed to support manufacturing.”

Here’s a few of the vital services that make our sign shops “pandemic-proof” opportunities:

Business Signage Enforces COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Signworld partners provide all sorts of COVID-19 safety signage, including:

  • Signs and floor decals in groceries and other open spaces to remind customers to comply with safe social distancing guidelines
  • Wayfinding signage to help at-risk drivers and pedestrians navigate alternative healthcare locations or instituted public testing sites
  • COVID-19 safety signage to instill the importance of proper hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and mask compliance
  • Signs to honor workers on the frontlines, or commend employees/community members for their understanding and jobs-well-done

The demand for COVID-19 safety signage is soaring, adding to the resilient demand for regular business signage, vehicle wraps, and promotional materials. Without question, sign shops play a crucial role during COVID-19, but it’s also a rewarding one!

COVID-19 Signage Facilitates Business Continuity

Among the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s top tips for small businesses and startups struggling to survive, “be flexible” ranks number-one. Business owners able to adjust their operations to suit the “new normal” with contactless services/drop-offs, online consultations, reduced in-store capacities, and other measures are hanging in there. In contrast, those businesses unable to flex to fit these new constraints are suffering.

To facilitate this business flexibility and maintain continuity, people depend on custom COVID-19 signage, such as:

Signworld Partners Helping To Slow The Spread Across America

Beyond indirectly reducing the spread of COVID-19 with safety signs, Signworld partners are adding manufacturing muscle to help create vital personal protective equipment, such as sneeze guards and face shields. In this way, we are directly fighting to slow the spread, while also opening up innovative revenue streams for our partners during the pandemic.

Start Selling Business Signage As A Signworld Partner In 2021

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