The Power of Signage

Window graphicsSigns can be informative, they can be direct, they can be humorous and they can be fun.  Signage in any fashion is meant to capture your attention, make you think about the message being portrayed and ultimately make a snap decision upon viewing it.  In a culture where first impressions are everything, it is more and more important for businesses that their signage is portraying the correct message in a creative way that will create a favorable emotion for the viewer.


For any company out there, their signage is necessary for their success, and most companies today can attribute a great deal of their sales to their business signage.  In fact, the fast food industry can attribute as much as 40% of impulse buys to their on-site signage according to a study done by Burger King.   Business signage, when compared to other forms of advertising, also offers the lowest cost-per-impression.  In a study done by Signtronix, a large sign manufacturing company based in California, they determined that on-site business signage costs as little as a few pennies per 1,000 adult exposures, which ultimately leads to a long-term awareness of a business as well as stimulates a repeat or brand-loyal customer.


Vehicle Wrap done by a Signworld Owner           Exterior Graphics produced by NW Sign Solutions


For the past 24 years, Signworld has been helping its family of sign companies find ways to assist their customers with new and imaginative signage that not only draws in new customers, but also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the environment in which they have been placed.  With this approach, Signworld operations around the world have been not only creating their own brand-loyal customers, but have also helped their customers update their image, refresh their signage and increase their pool of brand-loyal customers.


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