The Value Of Virtualization: Access The Digital Dollar With Signworld

The Value Of Virtualization: Access The Digital Dollar With Signworld

COVID-19 is driving online sign sales through the roof—but are you ready to meet this new demand? Today’s post explains how the Signworld business alliance is helping sign locations open up profitable online sales channels in 2020-2021.

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Online Sign Sales Spiking During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a massive surge in contactless payment and online shopping, according to a new study by Comprar Acciones. Researchers found a 36% year-over-year increase in the overall number of contactless transactions, and an upsurge of 77% in the value of payments made during this period compared to 2019.

To put it simply, there are more people shopping online than ever before, and consumers are getting increasingly comfortable with the idea of using digital dollars for their big-ticket buys. This should come as no great surprise in light of COVID-19—consumers are looking for convenient, contactless options, and online shopping fits the bill.

Selling signage online isn’t anything new—Signworld partners have been generating big returns through online sales channels for years, long before the pandemic hit—but some sign locations are still missing out. And that’s a real shame, since virtualization offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to global markets—sell anywhere outside your partners’ protected territory
  • Better business resilience during COVID-19—deliver the contactless ordering options consumers want
  • New marketing channels—get your product and promotions in front of all new audiences
  • Powerful sales metrics—gain new insights by tracking your target audiences’ dwell time, page bounce rate, shopping cart abandonment, and more
  • Boosting brand equitystudies show that consumers are increasingly viewing businesses without websites and online sales channels as old and outdated

So what’s keeping sign locations from virtualizing their products and services? It usually boils down to lack of know-how, which makes sense, since most people don’t get into the sign business because of their IT skills and web-savvy. But if you want to take your business online, Signworld can help.

Access The Digital Dollar With Signworld

Our modern sign location model sets you up for online sales from day-one. In addition to our standard training and support, Signworld supports your sign location’s virtualization with:

  • Turnkey eCommerce channels for online sales orders—give consumers the option to custom-order any sign type via your professional business website
  • Online technical support—we connect directly to your computer to fix problems and download solutions in real-time
  • Online operations training that includes sales/marketing, how to manage your website/internet presence, how to coordinate nationwide deliveries, and more

Prior to the pandemic, many of our sign partners made more than 50% of their revenues entirely through passive website sales. Today, those numbers are higher than ever, and we’re standing by to help your sign location get a piece of the pie.

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