Top-8 Advantages of Digital Signage Displays

Top-8 Advantages of Digital Signage Displays

Thinking about adding digital signage to your advertising arsenal?

Today’s post runs down the top-8 advantages of Signworld’s digital displays. Read on to decide whether this sign solution is right for your business.

Top-8 digital signage benefits

Digital signage is a “cross-modal” platform

Crossmodal perception or cross-modal perception is perception that involves interactions between two or more different sensory modalities. Because it recruits multiple senses at once, cross-modal perception is inherently more engaging. With digital signage, you can run audio/video ads alongside traditional print in order to fully capture your audience’s attention.

Digital signage reduces perceived wait time

Sometimes waiting is an unavoidable part of the customer experience. Pharmacies need time to fill prescriptions, and food has to cook. But that doesn’t mean your customers have to be bored.

One of the best things you can do to improve the customer experience is to keep people entertained while they wait. Dynamic digital displays are extremely engaging, which makes them perfect for the job–they can tell a story, play videos, and share exciting offers, and more. So long as the customer has something to watch, perceived wait time drops. As the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

Broadcast time-sensitive messages

The minimum lead time on a print ad is six weeks. For some companies, it’s even longer. That makes it tough to run time-sensitive ads or get important messages out right away, which can lead to missed opportunities and costly errors.

Digital signage gets the word out instantaneously–it’s as fast and easy as posting something on social media. And since your sign is connected to the internet, you can also run social media feeds, weather updates, news tickers, blog posts, and only “live” content anytime.

Cut the costs of new creative

Digital signage costs more upfront, but pays for itself over time by eliminating the cost of developing and rolling out new ads. Digital signs give you infinite marketing possibilities–you can upload almost anything, from custom text to video and live feeds. And since your ad is ready the moment you finish typing or uploading, you can run more targeted local marketing campaigns.

Digital signage boosts sales

According to Arbitron research, 19% of consumers who claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally–that’s nearly 1 in 5!

Digital signage enhances your market research

Some digital signage is interactive, which allows you to learn more about your audience and connect with customers. For instance, you might run a social media campaign where customers sign up via email to receive newsletters in exchange for a discount.

Digital signage gives online content new life offline

Get twice the value out of your online marketing content by displaying it in-store via digital signage. This not only gets you more for your money with regards to the actual ad content, but also helps draw attention to your online assets, which may earn you a few extra “Follows” or “Likes.”

Minimal maintenance

Compared to traditional signage, indoor digital signage needs very little maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the hazards of outdoor mounting or upkeep. Aside from the odd software update and screen wipe-down, there’s not much to worry about.

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