What Wall And Window Graphics Do For Your Business (And Bottom Line)

What Wall And Window Graphics Do For Your Business (And Bottom Line)

Affordable, versatile, and easy to install wall and window graphics are fantastic tools for marketing and branding. Today’s post runs down a few of the business benefits that wall and window graphics have to offer.

Wall And Window Graphics Create Inspiring Workplaces That Promote Greater Productivity

With the average 9-to-5 model, office workers end up spending about a third of their lives in the workplace. If you want to find and retain top talent–and inspire them to do their best during “labor hours”–it’s worth investing in your office design.

The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is the premier standard for designing healthy and productive buildings and interior spaces. WELL defines 7 main concepts for healthier buildings: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. And while many of these considerations fall under workplace policies, amenities, and structural design, wall and window graphics are often used to promote healthy and promote mindsets. This can be seen among industry leaders–Google among them–where wall and window graphics are used to share inspirational quotes, recognize dedicated workers, crack jokes, create “branded spaces,” and more.

And while it’s true that uniquely awesome offices and workspaces are typical of big brands, they don’t need to be big-brand exclusive. Whether your business is big or small, you too can create an inspiring and uniquely branded workspace using cost-effective wall and window graphics.

Wall And Window Graphics Increase In-store Sales

If your business sells products or services out of a brick-and-mortar location, wall and window graphics are highly recommended.

Numerous studies have highlighted the value of wall and window graphic signs in this regard, many of which are contained in Robert Liljenwall’s seminal work The Power of Point-of-Purchase Advertising: Marketing at Retail. Therein, researchers argue that consumers make more than 70% of their retail purchase decision in-store. That means getting people through the door with exterior signage is only half the battle, and in-store signs play a critical role in finalizing sales.

With that in mind, the benefit of wall and window graphics is clear, allowing you to promote new products and services, present value propositions, and entice audiences with discounts while they consider their purchase decisions.

Wall And Window Graphics Strengthen Your Brand Image

Building brand image has been shown to increase sales in a variety of ways. Research has shown that consumers are much more likely to purchase products and services from companies with well-established brand names. In one study, the influence of brand image on purchase decisions was equal to that of perceived product price and value.

Whether they’re inward or outward facing, wall and window graphics are a great way to transform blank structural features into branded “billboards” that build your brand.

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