Which Sign Colors Convert Customers Best?

Which Sign Colors Convert Customers Best?

In the advertising world, we like to say that “content is king,” and while a compelling brand message is important, getting your colors right is crucial.

Did you know that enterprise-level businesses spend millions of dollars every year researching which colors are best suited to their target demographic? It’s true, and it doesn’t matter whether your signage appears on the internet or an A-frame perched beside a busy roadway. Most people make a subconscious judgment or emotional conclusion about a product or brand within the first 90 seconds of their initial viewing, and over 60% of that assessment is based on color alone. Color can instantly affects a prospect’s purchase decision, which is why so many business owners trust our design consultants to choose “high-performance palettes” for their signage.

Converting More Customers with Signage Colors

The colors you choose during your Signworld design consultation will affect everything from the number of impressions your sign makes to the number of phone calls your business gets. Big businesses understand that you can convert more customers with certain color combinations, and it’s easy to reverse-engineer their success simply by looking at staple brands in your area. Go to a local fast food franchise and look closely at the colors of their packaging, outdoor signage, and flyers. It is very common to see vivid reds and oranges because they encourage emotional decisions (and emotional eating!), not soothing blues or greens that encourage long stays in the way sit-down restaurants or office buildings intend.

Choosing Your Palette: What Different Colors Mean

As you travel around the world, you’ll find that different cultures create different meaning for colors. For example, white is the color of mourning and funeral attire, whereas it is worn at weddings in the West. In the West, we associate purple with royalty and luxury, whereas Brazilians consider purple to be a color of death. While baby blue and pink represent male and female colors in the West, this isn’t necessarily true elsewhere! Be mindful of this especially if your company is expanding internationally.

Here are some general color meaning references:

  • Red is a color of passion that is typically associated with excitement, strength, speed, and danger. It is very noticeable and evokes a lot of emotion, which would make it a great choice for an indulgent dessert spot or an upscale after-hours lounge, but probably not appropriate for a lawyer’s office or accountant’s signage.
  • Blue is the default office color because it has soothing “cooling” properties. Blue is thought to evoke feelings of trust, reliability, belonging, and order.
  • Yellow is an alarming color that grabs the viewer’s attention. It is associated with warmth, sunshine, cheer, and happiness, but it also has stressful properties that may induce feels of caution, alertness, or warning.
  • Orange is a playful, warm, and vibrant shade that is suitable for many different applications.
  • Green is a soothing, cooling color that evokes images of nature, freshness, growth, and abundance.
  • Purple is tied to royalty, luxury, spirituality, and dignity.
  • Pink is an eye-grabber that tells the viewer your brand is soft, sweet, and nurturing.
  • White has a connotation of purity, cleanliness, youth, and mildness.
  • Black is a classic and professional shade that says sophistication, elegance, seduction, mystery, and “official business.” It is more suitable for fonts in the professional world, and backgrounds in the nightlife industry.
  • Gold has always been thought to be a color of prestige, expense, and elite status. It is ideal for gourmet products and premium lifestyle brands.
  • Silver has much of the same appeal as gold, though it also carries a coldness and air of scientific innovation.


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