Why Signworld rather than a “Sign Franchise”


Why should I join Signworld over other “sign franchises”?  That’s a question we hear often and one that we enjoy answering.


We have to look at the advantages of joining a franchise and how they don’t apply to the custom sign industry.  One of the biggest advantages of a franchise is the consistent brand identity.  Brand identity is very important in the consumer world.  When you see the name or logo of a company you are familiar with, you get a feeling of comfort.  You know that you will get the same product or service anywhere you might be in the world regardless of the franchise owner.  Signworld, as a business opportunity, selling to the business community where brand-identity is not as important, which allows you the autonomy to create your own brand identity and hold onto your customer regardless of where they might go in the world because only you have your brand identity.


Another advantage of a franchise is the consistent process and finished product.  This advantage gives you the security to know that if you order a sandwich from your favorite sub shop, you will get that same sandwich, made the same way, with the same ingredients in any of their locations regardless of the city you’re in.  Unfortunately, signs are custom-made from a number of different raw materials or “ingredients” in a number of different ways.  Every customer is different and therefore every sign is different.  So, the consistent process and consistent finished product advantages do not apply to the sign business and the light manufacturing industries.


Most of these advantages are policed by a rule book.  When you are custom manufacturing a product from raw materials, a rule book limits your options and ability to provide the best solution for your customer.


In the consumer world, consistency is key.  There are a lot of great franchise systems out there today but unfortunately, the manufacturing world is not built around the consumer.  It is built around business world and most products being manufactured are sold to other businesses who then utilize the product to make other products or promote their services.  So although there are great franchises available to future business owners, sign franchises, in our opinion, do not make for a good opportunity.  Signworld as a business opportunity offers a great alternative to the franchise setting, providing the proven business model, training and support, as well as the autonomy to build a business without restrictions making truly a custom manufacturing business.



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