Window Graphics, Storefronts and the Sign Industry


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While it might seem odd that the use of window graphics in a storefront is an odd way to make an argument for getting into the sign industry, there is a simple, logical step between the two.


Why Window Graphics?


When people are out and about, speeding off to work along the sidewalk, or out for a leisurely weekend stroll, window shopping in a trendy neighbourhood, their eyes inevitably wander to the storefronts they pass along the way. However, a bland storefront with no visual interest will be passed over without a second thought from the thousands of people that pass it every day.

A storefront that features an engaging window graphic, though, is sure to make people stop in their tracks to consider the image and/or the message that is being portrayed in the graphic.

Window graphics can be more effective in making people recognize a storefront than larger banners near the roof of the store. This is because when people are walking past on the sidewalk, they will not be able to see up to the banner. If potential customers are met with a bright, engaging sign at eye level when they are walking down the street, they will be more easily reminded of what is in the store, and why they should enter.

Window graphics are a great way to engage with customers before they even enter the store by sharing important information about a sale, the product, or even a funny quip to put them in a good mood, forming a positive association with a store and therefore brand.


Window Graphics and Business to Business


Businesses must be aware of what their competitors are doing to be able to remain competitive, and at the top of their game. For instance, other coffee shops took note of the rise of the popularity of blended cold beverages after Starbucks introduced the Frapuccino, and started to introduce similar items into their own menu to remain competitive with the caffeine goliath. Presumably, Starbucks and other coffee shops are after roughly the same customer base. Therefore, what works to draw in that customer base in one coffee shop, must also work on that same group of people for other coffee shops.

Businesses engage in this comparative practice not only when it comes to products, but to marketing strategies as well. If one company sees that its competitor has drawn in a large number of customers with an engaging, well-designed window graphic, they too would consider investing in the same type of window graphic. Like the coffee example above, the window graphic would have proven appealing to the target demographic of the competitor’s company and the original company, they can assume that that demographic would be drawn in again by the same marketing technique.


What do Sign Franchises Have to Do with it?


So how does all of this make a convincing argument for starting an entrepreneurial journey into the sign industry? Well, as we mentioned before, the sign industry is largely a business to business industry – that is, it caters largely to business clientele, and not the general public ( Also, as we discussed, window graphics are a highly visible form of sign-based marketing. This form of marketing is taken note of when businesses are looking to their competitors for ideas to draw in customers.

Therefore, selling window graphics to businesses creates the potential for exponential growth in sales. One business will purchase window graphics from you. Nearby competitors will inevitably notice these visible, engaging signs, and purchase some for their own business. This will spread outwards, increasing your number of sales each time a business compares marketing strategies with its competitors.

New signs to keep up with competitors and the market’s desires are always needed by countless businesses. For this, and many other reasons, the sign business is an ever-growing industry that you should consider when you get that entrepreneurial itch.



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