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The cost for vehicle graphics can start as low as $900 for a partial wrap and run in upwards of $3,500 for most standard cars, passenger trucks and SUV’s.  Costs can also increase based on the overall customization of the vehicle wrap.


When comparing the cost of vehicle wraps to other forms of traditional marketing employed by small businesses, you’ll see that vehicle wraps offer more bang for your buck.  An effective Yellow Pages ad will run you at a minimum of $500 per quarter and based on the overall use of the phonebook compared to the internet, you will hardly see a return on those advertising dollars.  Another common marketing plan for small business revolves around the use of Google Adwords or pay-per-click advertising.  Now we’re not saying that Adwords are not effective, they most certainly can be.  Unfortunately for an effective Adwords campaign, it requires a fairly healthy budget to the tune of roughly $2,000 per month, and still it offers no guarantee of a return because your campaign is based off of the words you choose to advertise for which might not be the terms your customers are searching for.


So in comparison, the cost of vehicle wraps in correlation with the number of impressions far outperforms other traditional forms of advertising employed by the small business world.  Here is a chart to help breakdown the overall cost per thousand impressions:


Reason #3 – Less Need for Additional Staff


Now we’ll say this with a caveat.  Today, most businesses are requiring that sales representatives are four year college graduates and offer new ideas for their advertising plan.  These requirements in the job description come at a cost that is typically much more than most businesses can actually afford to invest in their marketing plan.  When utilizing the power of a vehicle wrap to advertise for your business it will require less staff on the advertising side because the idea behind your vehicle wrap is that it becomes a sales person for you that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week!  The only need for additional staff will come from the need to fulfill your extra orders.


Where Does Signworld Come In?


Signworld has been assisting individuals enter the creative marketing world of signs for the past 25 years.  With over 250 operations in North America and plenty of available territory for more, we can assist you whether you are in the market for a vehicle wrap or if you are interested in learning more about how you can become a Signworld Owner and help other businesses generate additional revenue through the usage of signs and vehicle wraps.


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