3 Sign Industry Trends That Could Affect Your Business in 2020

3 Sign Industry Trends That Could Affect Your Business in 2020

Looking to expand your current sign shop’s offerings? Make sure you’re attuned to the following 3 sign industry trends and don’t miss any opportunities in 2020.

Digital Printing Technology Ups Expectations For “branded Environments”

The proliferation of large format printing technology has dramatically altered modern standards for interior design. Gone are the days of grey-beige office spaces with little branding beyond the odd poster or logo-stamped stationery; today’s business owners want to build immersive branded environments that express their company’s experience and ethos.

At their core, branded environments are sign systems that combine digital wall murals, dimensional signs, banners, graphics, and freestanding signs to create the desired effect. They’re especially popular in the retail, corporate, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

Hoping to win contracts with these high-value clients, many of the top 100 interior design and branding firms in 2019 have built in-house design teams that specialize in creating branded environments and interior graphics.

When it comes to large format printing technology, Signworld partners have a leg up on the competition. Our start-up package includes everything you need to brand spaces from top to bottom, so you can start making competitive bids in high-value sectors from day-one. As such, many of our business partners proudly serve local hospitals, hotels, big-box stores, and corporate clients.

Vinyl Innovation Increases Buzz Over Building Wraps

A new report by SignResearch detailed a number of vinyl innovations that could present some exciting opportunities for your business. Vinyl wraps have been mainstay for temporary use at indoor events like trade shows for some time, but they’re becoming increasingly popular at the architectural level.

With vinyl for exterior use advancing in the last few years, building wraps are on the rise. Many companies are utilizing multiple layers and translucent effects to achieve stunning looks on large building and glass curtain wall facades.

But some challenges remain. According to SignResearch survey data, distrust of long-term durability of vinyl building wraps remains a key issue. Nevertheless, there is enormous sales potential for companies that can assuage their clients’ concerns and provide long-lasting wraps. And Signworld partners are poised to do just that.

Demand For Digital Signage Is Still Soaring

Digital signage has been popular for years, with its ability to display dynamic images and decrease owners’ long-term operational costs by reducing the use of paper for advertising. But in 2019, as technology improves and the end user price continues to drop, the demand for digital signage is rising to new heights.

If your business isn’t offering digital sign solutions, you’re leaving money on the table.

According to GlobeNewswire, the global digital signage market size is predicted to attain USD 31.71 billion by 2025! That means there’s still time to capitalize. With our startup package, you can be on your feet and ready to meet your community’s digital sign demands fast.

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